Seo In-young, who was rumored to be divorced, has found a new home.
Seo In-young, who was rumored to be divorced, has found a new home.
Seo In-young takes a leap forward by joining hands with SW Entertainment.

SW Entertainment announced on the 4th, “We have signed an exclusive contract with diva Seo In-young, who led the trend with numerous hit songs.” It is said that Seo In-young chose SW Entertainment after much consideration.

SW Entertainment said, “We are happy to have signed an exclusive contract with Seo In-young, who has been loved by the public not only for her musical ability but also for her diverse charms,” and added, “We plan to support singer Seo In-young in both material and spiritual ways for her new music activities in the future. We ask for your interest and anticipation.” “He said.

Seo In-young predicted a full-fledged 'hard day' with the news of signing an exclusive contract. Hong Seong-yong, CEO of SW Entertainment, said, “Seo In-young is currently focusing on preparing a new album, and plans to continue her comeback activities in earnest upon the release of the album.” He added, “The first digital single to be released by the new agency will be different from the music Seo In-young has made so far.” “You can look forward to the music,” he said with confidence.

Seo In-young debuted as a member of the girl group Jewelry in 2002 and released numerous hit songs such as ‘One more time’, ‘I really like you’, and ‘Super star’.

Afterwards, she began her solo career and received the public's love with songs such as 'Cinderella', 'I Want You', and 'Teach Me'. He also appeared on various entertainment shows and played an active role as a 'fashion icon' leading trends by popularizing various hairstyles and fashion items.

SW Entertainment is a global comprehensive entertainment company under SW Media Group that produces OTT original content and records.

Seo In-young married a non-celebrity businessman in February last year. The two completed their marriage registration before the wedding. Seo In-young also boasted about her happy married life through entertainment.

However, in September of last year, seven months after their marriage, they were embroiled in divorce rumors. The sudden news that her husband filed for divorce from Seo In-young surprised the public. At the time, Seo In-young said, "I was embarrassed to read the content in an article. I recently heard from my husband that we should break up, saying, 'We have different personalities' and 'we are not compatible,' but we have never discussed the lawsuit. I have no intention of divorcing my husband." He stated his position by saying, “There is none.”

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google