‘I’m Solo’ 19th, one night outdoors
‘I’m Solo’ 19th, one night outdoors
'I'm SOLO' opens 'Love Camp' for the first time on air.

In ENA and SBS Plus' real dating program 'I Am SOLO', which airs at 10:30 pm on the 6th, a new place for romance, 'Love Camp', is revealed.

On this day, the production crew gathered all the 19th generation solo men and women and said, “We will start moving soon. “I will move outdoors and spend the night,” he makes a surprising announcement. When ‘I am SOLO’s first ‘base camp’ move was announced, not only the 19th generation solo men and women, but also 3 MCs Defcon, Lee Yi-kyung, and Song Hae-na said, “Huh? Really?” he opens his mouth wide. While everyone is amazed by the new and fresh romance system that is being attempted for the first time in the history of 'I am SOLO', Song Hae-na activates the pink tip, saying, "Because new feelings will arise in a new environment."

After a while, when 'Love Camp in Solonara 19th Street' begins, as Song Hae-na predicted, an abnormal air current is detected. A single man and woman exploded with 'pink tension' by taking pictures of each other, and Defconn, who was watching the chemistry between the two people, foresaw the start of a new romance, saying, "What should I do? It's like a sign." Lee Yi-kyung also said, “It’s a love camp, right here. “The two get along so well,” they agree. Curiosity is focused on whether 'Love Camp' will be able to break the love line of 'Solo Country 19' and create a new history of romance.

Meanwhile, 'I am SOLO', which aired on February 28, recorded an average viewer rating of 5.3% (combined figure of ENA and SBS Plus for pay-TV households in the metropolitan area) according to Nielsen Korea, and the highest viewer rating per minute soared to 5.9%. In addition, 'Men and Women 2049', which is the target viewership rating for 'I Am SOLO', recorded 3.4%, solidifying its position as the overall target viewership rating for the same time slot. Furthermore, it ranked 1st in the 'Top 10 non-drama TV-OTT search responses' for the 4th week of February compiled by Good Data Corporation, and in the 'Top 10 non-drama search issue keywords', it ranked 1st (I am SOLO 19th) and 2nd (I am SOLO 19th). SOLO Gallery), 7th (I am SOLO official video), and 10th (I am SOLO 18th class).

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google