A couple who has had a child for 18 years is actually the same sex?
A couple who has had a child for 18 years is actually the same sex?
In 'One Little Difference', the 'French version of the Jeon Qing Dynasty incident' is revealed along with the vivid testimony of the actual victim.

In T-Cast E Channel's 'One Little Difference: Psychomentary (hereinafter referred to as One Little Difference)', which will be broadcast on the 6th, 'mental victory' is predicted as the second psychological keyword, and the 'polar opposites' of the greatest mental winners of all time surprised everyone. Life stories are discussed.

First, 'A Little Difference' is a story about 'the worst life' and is 200% synchronized with the 'Jeon Cheong-jo incident'. It is a 'French version of the Jeon Cheong-jo incident' that was shocking by the fact that a couple who had children for 18 years was actually the same sex. Digging. In addition, through an exclusive interview with the actual victim who lowered her head and said, "It was my mind that he controlled," the reason why they were able to live as a couple for 18 years without knowing that the other person was of the same sex is revealed.

Jang Seong-gyu, the teller of this story, shocked everyone with his 'explicit' 19-year-old explanation of the tucking techniques of the 'French version of the Jeon Qing Dynasty', who lied about their gender, had sexual intercourse, and even became pregnant. Hong Jin-kyung expressed anger at the perpetrator, saying, "I played with a person's life," but approached the victim's psychology with an extraordinary ability to empathize. In addition, Professor Park Ji-seon, a psychological expert, raised awareness by introducing the 'Jeoncheongjo Identification Method' in reality along with a sharp analysis of the psychology that caused the perpetrator to immobilize the victim.

Meanwhile, Lee Chan-won, who received an explosive response as a 'multi-storyteller' from both tellers and listeners in last week's first broadcast, showed off his candid remarks this week as well. You can see what decision Lee Chan-won, who was put in a situation where he had to make the once-in-a-lifetime choice between his friend and his boyfriend, made the decision, and the results can be seen on the main broadcast of 'Hankeotchai' at 8:40 pm on the 6th.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google