'47 Years Old' Kim Jong-guk "I prefer a person who is indifferent to a person who is sensitive."
'47 Years Old' Kim Jong-guk "I prefer a person who is indifferent to a person who is sensitive."
Broadcaster Kim Jong-guk reveals his view on relationships: “I prefer an indifferent person over a sensitive person.”

The Life's original entertainment show 'MAKE Handsome - Change Me!' airs every Tuesday at 8:10 PM. ‘My Man’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Mac Handsome Man’) is content tailored to improve my man’s appearance, providing an opportunity for change to men who have lost confidence for various reasons.

In the 7th episode of 'Mac Handsome Man', which will be aired on the 5th, 'The Man with Heartburn', the younger brother of 'The Man in the Corner' who appeared in episode 4, appears and catches the eye.

On this day's broadcast, each person's views on love are revealed through a balance game. In 'I'm a very sensitive person but I'm sensitive' vs. I'm not very sensitive and don't know how I feel', Kim Jong-guk makes everyone laugh by saying that it's difficult for a sensitive person under any circumstances. Here, Teacher Kiwoo asks, “Have you ever had any experience (meeting a sensitive person)?”

Meanwhile, 'My Heartbroken Man', who suffers from a four-stage combo of sensitivity, depression, overweight, and gynecomastia, appears and catches everyone's attention. For 'My Heartbroken Man', MC Kim Jong-kook takes on the role of a health trainer and shows off his professional side, which is more like a real job than a regular job. Kim Jong-kook says, “Exercise doesn’t cost money,” and gives advice, “When your body opens, your mind opens and your mind becomes clearer.”

In particular, Kim Jong-kook catches people's attention by appearing with bodybuilder Ma Seon-ho, who is called his key ring man. He is praised as 'the god of fitness' for his expert insight into his man's physical condition. Kim Jong-kook then said, “To give delicious food to others, you have to taste it first,” and showed off his exercise moves on a machine himself, showing off his appearance as a health evangelist by carefully guiding his man.

In response to this, the production team of ‘Mac Meenam’ said, “The person who recommended ‘My Heartbreaking Man’ was none other than ‘My Man in the Corner’,” and added, “With the brotherhood of worrying and caring for each other, not only the internal appearance but also the external appearance. He cheered and said, “You will be surprised to see these people who have been reborn again.”

You can see the amazing transformation of 'My Heartburn Man' in this broadcast, where Kim Jong-kook, the ultimate self-management king, personally provided the solution.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google