Son Seok-gu "I feel burdened by acting as a reporter in front of reporters"
Son Seok-gu "I feel burdened by acting as a reporter in front of reporters"
Actor Son Seok-gu shared his thoughts on playing the role of a reporter.

On the 4th, a production briefing session for the movie ‘Comment Unit’ was held at the Lotte Cinema Konkuk University entrance in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Director Ahn Kuk-jin, Son Seok-gu, Kim Seong-cheol, Kim Dong-hwi, and Hong Kyung attended.

'Comment Unit' is a movie about a reporter who was suspended after writing an article about a large company, Im Sang-jin (Son Seok-gu), and an anonymous informant appears, accusing him of manipulating online public opinion.

Son Seok-gu appears as Lim Sang-jin, a reporter who is seeking reinstatement after being suspended for writing an article exposing the tyranny of large corporations.

On this day, Son Seok-gu said, "As those of you who know, there is an original novel. The writer was originally a reporter. I also met with the director. We studied what characteristics reporters have," and "Im Sang-jin's desire to be a reporter is He is a very big person, and because of that, he gets involved with the comment section. This is something that could actually happen, and could happen even if you are not a reporter, so I focused on this part. How reporters report and how the article is communicated to the public. “The process from reading it was fun,” he said.

He then laughed and said, “It’s burdensome to say that I acted as a reporter in front of reporters.” He said, "I think there must be a professional goal as a reporter. In the case of reporter Im Sang-jin, he had a goal of filling the front page of the newspaper with his articles, but while achieving that, he was told that he was a mess. Rather than being a perfect human being, he gradually falls into a labyrinth. “It was good,” he said.

‘Comment Unit’ is scheduled to be released on the 27th.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google