Famous idol blind date girl Kim Ye-won takes off her veil... Turns out I'm a model
Famous idol blind date girl Kim Ye-won takes off her veil... Turns out I'm a model
Model Kim Ye-won attracted attention by appearing for the first time as an attractive blind date girl on SBS' new entertainment show 'Shining Solo'.

The SBS entertainment show 'Shining Solo', starring Kim Ye-won and Treasure, is a romantic survival program that determines the 'attractive jewel man' by having the opposite sex evaluate his charm as an ordinary man, not his charm as an idol. It captured the hearts of viewers as soon as it started. there is.

At the moment of their exciting first meeting at 'Treasure Castle', when Kim Ye-won wearing a black beret appeared, the Treasure members seemed momentarily nervous and unable to continue speaking. After a simple shout, a tickling air current was formed, and awkward laughter continued in the awkward air.

To relieve the awkwardness of the first meeting, Kim Ye-won first tried to talk to the members by handing out bananas to them. Upon hearing Kim Ye-won's answer that she enjoys sculpture as a hobby, the surprised members reacted with surprise and asked her questions with bright faces, such as what materials she uses to sculpt.

They quickly became close through a short conversation. We got along well and started preparing dinner together. One member who created Nakgobsae was proud and smiled shyly when he saw Kim Ye-won enjoying the food he made. They appealed to Kim Ye-won by showing their caring side in their own ways, such as personally bringing orange juice for Kim Ye-won, who was sick of spicy food, and taking care of the food waste after washing the dishes.

Meanwhile, K Plus' Kim Ye-won received a lot of love by causing viewers to fall in love with her sweet chemistry through Abema TV's original program 'Romance Before Debut'. Thanks to his explosive popularity among young people in Korea and Japan, he made unusual moves such as going on stage at the 'Kansai Collection', a large Japanese fashion show, and truly captured the hearts of the MZ generation in Korea and Japan.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google