MC Mong denies claims of involvement in coin fraud, "No direct involvement, please refrain from speculation."
MC Mong denies claims of involvement in coin fraud, "No direct involvement, please refrain from speculation."
Singer MC Mong (44, real name Shin Dong-hyun) has been controversial for failing to appear as a witness several times in trials related to Bithumb Coin listing kickback fraud, and has stated that he is "not directly involved."

On the 28th, MC Mong's side said, "MC Mong (Shin Dong-hyun) has recently received a request from the Seoul Southern District Court to appear as a witness, and is considering appearing at the trial if necessary in the future. However, MC Mong clearly states that he is not directly related to the content of the trial. “I will give it to you,” he said.

He added, "Please refrain from making speculations regarding this matter," and added, "We plan to take legal action against excessive spread and reproduction of false information about MC Mong."

According to the music industry, MC Mong received three witness subpoenas from the court in relation to the case of professional golfer Ahn Sung-hyun, the husband of Sung Yu-ri from Fin.K.L., who was put on trial on charges of so-called 'coin listing kickback' fraud, but he refused. Accordingly, the Seoul Southern District Court's Criminal Agreement Division 11 (Chief Judge Jeong Do-seong) imposed a fine of 3 million won on MC Mong.

MC Mong received subpoenas as a witness three times, on December 26 last year and January 17 and 14 this year, but did not appear in court. It has been reported that contact information has also changed.

The court announced that it would issue an arrest warrant if MC Mong does not appear at the next date. If the court issues an arrest warrant, MC Mong can be detained within 7 days.

MC Mong was designated as a key witness who could reveal the cryptocurrency listing corruption involving Ahn Seong-hyun, former Bithumb Holdings CEO Lee Sang-jun, and Kang Jong-hyun, who is suspected of being the actual owner of Bithumb.

The prosecution said that in January 2022, Ahn Seong-hyun decided to acquire a 5% stake in Big Planet Made Entertainment, an entertainment agency where MC Mong was an executive director, in return for allowing him to receive an investment of 20 billion won from Kang Jong-hyun, and cash was provided as a deposit for this. It was found that 2 billion won was received.

MC Mong was also promised a 5% stake, but Kang Jong-hyun's side claims that the investment was canceled due to the risk of being detected by customs while taking USD 70,000 overseas in April of the same year, and Ahn Seong-hyun did not return 2 billion won.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google