"Actor L, body filmed → dive breakup" spreads revelations
"Actor L, body filmed → dive breakup" spreads revelations
A woman revealed that she broke up with actor L underwater.

On the 22nd, an article titled ‘I broke up with actor L underwater’ was posted on an online community.

The author, female A, said, "We started dating about 6 years ago and have been together for over 4 years. But recently, I was notified of a one-sided breakup through a text message. I tried in many ways to contact him somehow, but he ignored them all. It was a complete loss of contact." .

He also explained, "It was good the last time we met a few days before I received the breakup text. We had sex and he even took pictures of important parts of my body. But a few days later, he sent me a one-sided text and completely cut off contact."

Mr. A pointed out, "I know that this person has had issues with the same behavior in the past. Now, looking at him talking about it on YouTube like it's a memory, he doesn't seem to have any consideration for the other person either before or now."

In addition, Mr. A said that during his meeting with actor L, he took photos of major body parts and sent them to him at his constant request. He said, "What I hope for now is that the photo has been completely deleted. This is the first time we have met and taken a photo. It is an important area and I am worried that the photo is too explicit."

Text messages apparently shared with Mr. L were also revealed. The message contains content asking Mr. L to send a photo of Mr. A's important parts. In addition, Mr. A responded to the reactions of some skeptical netizens by complaining that "I don't know how to do a main action" and "I wrote this because I felt unfair."

The exposé is rapidly spreading through online communities. However, since the truth has not been confirmed, there are only various speculations among netizens.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google