Sinsa-dong Tiger died today (25th)
Sinsa-dong Tiger died today (25th)
The late composer and producer Sinsa-dong Tiger (real name Lee Ho-yang) has been laid to rest. Age 41.

On the 25th, a funeral ceremony for Sinsa-dong tiger will be held at the funeral hall of Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, Seoul Catholic University. The funeral will be held privately with the bereaved family and friends in attendance.

Previously, on the 23rd, the sad news of Sinsa-dong tiger was reported. An acquaintance was unable to contact the Sinsa-dong tiger, so he went to his studio and found him collapsed. He called 119, but he was found dead. Regarding this, the police said that no criminal charges were found.

In response, the agency said, “We are devastated to deliver such sad and unfortunate news. Producer Sinsa-dong Tiger suddenly left us on February 23, 2024,” he said. “For the sake of the bereaved family, who must have been more saddened than anyone else by the sudden news, we earnestly ask you to refrain from making speculations or speculative reports. “I hope you will join us in praying for the soul of the deceased.”

Born in 1981, Sinsa-dong Tiger debuted as a composer through Jadu's 'Man and Woman' in 2005. He created hit songs such as 'Roly Poly' and 'Up and Down' by popular second-generation idol groups such as 4Minute, Beast, and T-ara. In addition, there are 4Minute's 'Hot Issue' and 'Music', Beast's 'Shock' and 'Fiction', T-ara's 'Bo Peep Bo Peep', and Apink's 'Nonono' and 'Love'.

In addition, he served as the CEO of AB Entertainment and the representative producer of Banana Culture Entertainment. Recently, he served as the representative producer of TR Entertainment and the producer of the girl group Tri.B. It is known that he was preparing for the comeback of the group TAN until the end.
Sinsa-dong Tiger died today (25th)
Sinsa-dong Tiger died today (25th)
The sudden news of the deceased's death led to a memorial procession in the entertainment industry. Members such as Eunjung and Soyeon from T-ara, Nam Ji-hyun from 4Minute, Jay and Lindsey from Fiesta, and Choi Jung-hoon from Jannabi paid tribute to the deceased through SNS.

Eun-jeong, who visited the deceased's funeral, paid tribute by saying, "I remember my brother smiling brightly and being full of fun, but it still doesn't feel real." Soyeon said, “I heard the bad news from overseas. Thanks to you, I was able to gain countless memories. “I was really grateful,” he said.

Choi Jeong-hoon said, “Personally, he gave me so much energy that I consider him a lifesaver. He mourned the deceased, saying, “He was a warm, funny, sincere, and above all, sincere person,” and “I am writing this letter of condolence in the hope that if I write along with my devastated feelings, it will warm up the road a little bit.”

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google