INFINITE's Kim Sunggyu will appear in 'Beautiful Mint Life 2024'
INFINITE's Kim Sunggyu will appear in 'Beautiful Mint Life 2024'
Singer Kim Seong-gyu proves his true worth as a ‘festival powerhouse’.

While the music festival 'Beautiful Mint Life 2024' will be held at Seoul Olympic Park on May 11th and 12th, Kim Sunggyu will appear and perform.

Kim Sunggyu is a 'K-pop legend' who has left a mark in the history of the music industry and a 'luxury vocalist' representing Korea, and has been named on the list of artists who will further enrich 'Beautiful Mint Life 2024'.

News of joining the lineup and his profile image were also released. In addition to casual styling, Kim Sunggyu's lively eyes and bright smile as he stared at the screen while holding ice cream further raised expectations for the performance.

Kim Sunggyu goes on stage on the 12th, the second and final day of the performance, and adds excitement to the festival by performing numerous songs loved by global fans. He is expected to captivate the hearts of the audience with his patented sweet tone and unwavering, powerful live performance, re-proving his title as ‘the best of the festival’.

Kim Seong-gyu, who appeared on the stage of the 'SLOW LIFE SLOW LIVE 2023' festival in October last year and 'LOVE IN SEOUL 2023' in November, captivated the fall and winter with high-quality performances that captivated both eyes and ears. It was richly embroidered.

As Kim Sunggyu has established himself as a performing artist who 'trusts and sees' by deeply communicating with the audience through music that can be enjoyed and breathed together, rather than music that is simply listened to, he will show unique music and stage through 'Beautiful Mint Life 2024'. The attention of global fans is focused on.

'Beautiful Mint Life' is an outdoor music festival that represents spring. It has been loved for a long time for its charm that differentiates it from other festivals through performances by various artists and audience participation event programs. 'Beautiful Mint Life 2024' will be held at Seoul Olympic Park on May 11-12, and reservations will open through Interpark Ticket and Yes24 Ticket at 6 p.m. on the 26th.

Kim Seong-gyu has released a total of three remake digital single projects, starting with Jaurim's original song 'I'm Sorry, I Hate You' last month, followed by Sand Pebbles' original song 'What Should I Do' and Lee So-ra's original song 'The Wind Blows'. It fascinated listeners. In addition, he has been cast as Evan Hansen, the lead character in the musical 'Dear Evan Hansen', and will perform on stage at the Chungmu Arts Center Grand Theater from March 28 to June 23.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google