BTS, ‘Dynamite’ MV exceeds 1.8 billion views
BTS, ‘Dynamite’ MV exceeds 1.8 billion views
BTS became the first team to have a music video with 1.8 billion views.

The music video for the digital single 'Dynamite', which BTS released simultaneously worldwide on August 21, 2020, exceeded 1.8 billion views on YouTube at around 3:06 am on the 23rd. As a result, 'Dynamite' became BTS' first music video to reach 1.8 billion views.

'Dynamite' is a 'healing song' that delivers a message of hope to fans in the disco pop genre with a bright and cheerful atmosphere. The lyrics contain the preciousness and specialness of life that can be felt in the small moments of everyday life. This is the first English song released by BTS since their debut.

The music video for 'Dynamite' was directed to give a glimpse into BTS' pleasant daily life with a lively concept that capitalizes on the atmosphere of the melody and lyrics. The lively performances presented by each member and the dynamic group dance in the second half set against a gorgeous background double the enjoyment of the video.

With 'Dynamite', BTS became the first K-pop singer to reach #1 on the US Billboard main song chart 'Hot 100' and reached the top spot three times in total. With this song, they also set great records, including becoming the first Korean pop singer to be nominated for the 'Grammy Awards', one of the three major American music award ceremonies, and being certified as a diamond in the shortest period of history (more than 500 million views) in the streaming category of the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

Meanwhile, BTS has a total of 39 music videos with hundreds of millions of views, including 'Dynamite'.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google