DPR IAN, from directing to appearing in IU’s music video
DPR IAN, from directing to appearing in IU’s music video
Singer and visual director DPR IAN directed and appeared in the music video for IU's new song 'Shopper'.

The 'Shopper' music video released on the afternoon of the 20th features IU with blonde hair in the background of a special shop emitting bright lights in a dark night street.

DPR IAN has revealed its unrivaled presence through DPR visuals through various collaborations with hip-hop artists. In particular, he, who had been focusing on DPR CREW's internal work activities to focus on DPR's unique style and creative worldview, returned to directing IU's music video after about 7 years to expand his visual field.

DPR IAN, who directed the song, said, “When I first heard this song, it gave me a feeling of hope when I was feeling down at the time. The song title 'Shopper' brought to mind images of a mart or a store, and the character was set to reflect IU's opinion, who wanted a witty twist. “This music video is a story about the desires we all have, and it contains a hopeful message about achieving small but valuable desires,” he said.
DPR IAN, from directing to appearing in IU’s music video
DPR IAN, from directing to appearing in IU’s music video
He continued, “I was looking forward to working with IU, and I think it was fun working with her. In this project, I had to direct and appear, so I couldn't concentrate much on my character, but IU kindly took care of me on set. “That professionalism was impressive not only to me but to our entire team,” he said.

DPR IAN, who directed the title of IU's new song music video, is famous for creating hip visuals with original and bold concepts. He has a variety of visuals, such as leaving an afterimage of the subject through a fast camera technique that distorts space and switches screens. It captures the beauty of the film visually.

In this 'Shopper' music video, IU and DPR IAN showed off their unique chemistry by acting as a rogue who helps objects with mysterious powers find their owners. Here, small objects such as candy, letters, and telescopes were used to symbolically embody various desires. It uses cinematic visuals and editing technology to deliver an artistic and strong impact through storytelling that feels like watching a short film.

DPR IAN began directing the music video for 'TILL I DIE' by the same crew, DPR LIVE, in 2015, and began to attract attention in the visual scene with 'Yes Freestyle' in 2016. He has directed 'Body', Taeyang's 'WAKE ME UP', etc.

Meanwhile, the music video for IU's 6th mini album double title song 'Shopper', which DPR IAN directly directed and appeared in, was first released on IU's official YouTube Now Channel at 6 PM on the 20th.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google