Kim Se-jeong, an all-rounder who can do everything from singing to drama and theater.
Kim Se-jeong, an all-rounder who can do everything from singing to drama and theater.
Singer and actress Kim Se-jeong successfully completed the play ‘Temple’.

Kim Se-jeong played the title role of Temple Grandin in 'Temple', her first theater production since the end of last year, and expressed the character with depth.

In particular, even though it was Kim Se-jeong's first attempt at the theater genre, she drew favorable reviews and praise from the audience with her perfect character expression skills, driving both artistic quality and box office performance.

The play 'Temple' is based on the true story of Temple Grandin, who was on the autism spectrum but later grew into a world-renowned zoologist. It conveys the character's psychology through gestures by making full use of body movements as well as various dialogues depending on the character. It's a kind of physical play that has to be done.

In the play 'Temple', Kim Se-jeong increased the audience's immersion by focusing on the ever-changing inner world that Temple Grandin feels in the ordinary world.

In addition, Kim Se-jeong was praised for her role as Temple Grandin in itself, showing a comfortable and natural expressiveness that synchronized with the character as if they were one body, bringing out the three-dimensional texture of the character.

In particular, given that this work is a communicative play that speaks to the audience, the response was that Kim Se-jeong's wit and quickness stood out in each scene. As each episode progressed, the show's smooth chemistry deepened, richly expressing Temple Grandin's complex and subtle inner self and explosive emotional changes, leaving a deep resonance in the audience.

Meanwhile, Kim Se-jeong continues to be active in various fields, including singer-songwriter, actor, and broadcaster.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google