VANNER, ‘Jackpot’ challenge hot topic
VANNER, ‘Jackpot’ challenge hot topic
Many idols participated in the title song 'JACKPOT' challenge of 'Peak Time' winning team VANNER (Taehwan, GON, Hyesung, Seongguk, Yeonggwang).

VANNER released their second mini album 'CAPTURE THE FLAG' on the 30th of last month and started the title song 'JACKPOT' challenge, receiving enthusiastic support from fellow senior and junior singers.

Led by SISTAR19, who recently made a surprise comeback in the music industry after 11 years and garnered attention, Zero Base One's Seong Han-bin, Nmix's Lily Gyu-jin, AB6IX's Jeon Woong, CI Seol-ah, Choi Yena, Even Lee Jeong-hyeon, Ji Yoon-seo, and BAE173's J-Min Young-seo participated in the 'JACKPOT' challenge.

Pentagon's Hui and Wooseok, who co-wrote and composed VANNER's title song 'JACKPOT', also contributed to the challenge's popularity. In addition, popular K-pop artists such as Rise's Sohee, BXB's Hyunwoo and Siwoo, Kepler's Kang Ye-seo, P1Harmony's Jiwoong Soul, Ensign's Junhyuk and Robin, and The Boyz's Younghoon continued the challenge.

The 'JACKPOT' challenge not only features charismatic and sharp movements, but also easy and fun point choreography that anyone of any age or gender can follow.

In particular, the choreography for this challenge was done by member GON, and the killer points that go back and forth between charisma and cuteness were included in an impactful way. The entire choreography was handled by O'Spicious, and member GON jointly participated, receiving favorable reviews for clearly containing VANNER's unique performance.

Thanks to this popularity, VANNER recently hit the domestic real-time charts and was also listed on the global charts, breaking the previous record by exceeding 140,000 copies in the first week.

In addition, after being appointed as a public relations ambassador for Daejeon on the 14th, he was honored with the Hanteo Choice K-POP Mail Artist Award at the 'Hanteo Music Awards 2023' held on the 17th.

Meanwhile, VANNER continues various comeback activities with the title song 'JACKPOT'.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google