Yulhee, ‘standing alone’ after divorce from Choi Minhwan
Yulhee, ‘standing alone’ after divorce from Choi Minhwan
Yulhee, a former member of the group LABOUM, shared her current status after her divorce from FT Island's Minhwan Choi.

On the 20th, Yulhee posted a photo on her personal channel with the message, "Yulgu during the weekend. I got plenty of food and went to places I wanted to go. I like it."

The released photo shows Yulhee having a pleasant meal with an acquaintance. Yulhee also previously hinted at the possibility of resuming her YouTube activities.

One fan asked, “Are you doing YouTube again? I’m waiting.” In response, Yulhee announced, "I plan to start again soon. I feel like I've been off for too long, so I'm thinking about what kind of video I should greet you with."

Yulhee married Choi Minhwan in 2018 and has one son and two daughters. However, they only recently announced their divorce after five years of marriage.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google