T-ara Areum releases new song amidst 'divorce suit'
T-ara Areum releases new song amidst 'divorce suit'
Areum from T-ara released a new song while in divorce proceedings.

On the 18th, Areum said, "I am humbled by the fans who have continued to love me unchangingly, from the cute Areum I was when I was young after debuting as an idol to the mature Areum I am now who is preparing to become an actress, and even my fans who give me new love. “I will not forget and repay your love until the end,” he said.

He continued, “My first solo album will be released soon. Please look forward to it and give it a lot of love.” “Ah! And the very good news! See you soon at the fan meeting. Until that very, very happy day, let’s all cheer up with the power of positivity. “See you later. I love you,” he announced.

Areum joined T-ara as a member in 2012. After leaving the team in 2013, she married an older businessman in 2020, and they have two sons.

Areum divorced her husband in 2023 and remarried a new lover. At the time, Areum said, “Due to the ongoing pain, I even proposed divorce by agreement, but (my current husband) is putting off even that,” and added, “I will register my marriage as soon as the lawsuit is over, and I promised to get married.”

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google