Byun Yo-han, a new start with the new ‘Team Hope’
Byun Yo-han, a new start with the new ‘Team Hope’
Actor Byun Yo-han begins a new chapter with the new general entertainment company 'TEAMHOPE'.

On the 14th, TEAMHOPE announced this news. TEAMHOPE is a comprehensive entertainment company with people who dream of hope. TEAMHOPE was founded by a manager who has been with Byun Yo-han for a long time under the vision of passionately supporting the various activities of actors, discovering new actors with a promising future, and delivering hope to the public through healthy content. The members worked together. Byun Yo-han joined TEAMHOPE as the first actor based on strong trust.

TEAMHOPE released a new profile photo along with the news of Byun Yo-han's recruitment. Byun Yo-han, wearing a black V-neck knit, captures attention by completing a heavy charisma with only his unique deep eyes without any flashy production. Byun Yo-han, who signaled his start in TEAMHOPE with a new profile photo, plans to release additional images of various concepts featuring new faces in the future.

Byun Yo-han debuted in the 2011 film ‘Saturday Shift’ and has appeared in the films ‘Watchers’ (2013), ‘Wild Dog’ (2014), ‘Socialphobia’ (2015), ‘Will You Be There’ (2016), and ‘Haru’. '(2017), 'Jasaneobo' (2021), 'Hansan: Appearance of the Dragon' (2022), and 'Solo Battle 2' (2023), as well as the dramas tvN's 'Incomplete Life' (2014) and SBS' 'Six Flying Dragons' (2015). ~2016) and tvN's 'Mr. Sunshine' (2018), and has been loved by the public for his solid and appealing acting.

In the Disney+ original series 'Uncle Samsik', which will be released in the first half of this year, Byun Yo-han appears as Kim San, a passionate young man who is an elite graduate of the Military Academy and is pursuing a national reconstruction project to turn Korea into an industrial nation. Additionally, he will meet the public through the upcoming movie 'She's Dead' and the drama 'Blackout'.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google