Ra Miran and BoA attempted 12kg backpacking at Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps.
Ra Miran and BoA attempted 12kg backpacking at Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps.
tvN's 'Europe Outside Your Tent: France' returns with 'camping expert' Ra Mi-ran.

tvN's 'Europe Outside Your Tent: France', which will be aired for the first time at 7:40 pm on the 18th, is a healing camping entertainment program that travels around Europe in a free way, using camping sites instead of hotels, rental cars instead of trains, and local supermarkets instead of restaurants. This season, which heads to the South of France, will showcase the chemistry of female cast members for the first time ever. With the first preview released today (14th), we looked at the points to watch to enjoy the first broadcast even more.

◆ Meeting of camping expert Ra miran and sprout campers

In the first preview that was released, the four people who arrived in Nice, a city in southern France, took a proof shot and made people look forward to a romantic camping trip. However, it took a twist as a full-scale camping experience reminiscent of field training unfolded. Attention is drawn to what kind of chemistry the new campers will show as they gather around Ra Mi-ran, a self-proclaimed camping expert.

The first tent conquest was announced under the leadership of ‘Captain La’ Miran. Ryu Hye-young, who became Ra Mi-ran's 'best camping disciple' through 'Reply 1988', and 'Clear-eyed madman' who shows off her easy-going charm, camping recruit 1 Han Ga-in, always enjoying challenges with positive energy and tension, camping Curiosity is rising about the members' first journey, including new recruit 2 Jo Bo-ah.

◆ Eating is also training, ‘Outside the tent is a multi-eating center’

Ra miran's camping cooking feast can be said to be the most anticipated point of this season. Ra miran plans to provide enjoyment by opening ‘Camping Dasikwon-Southern France Branch’ where an uninterrupted feast of camping dishes will unfold. It is said that the show uses local ingredients to create unique yet familiar fusion dishes, such as gamtae pasta, small gimbap, bibim pasta, and japchae, stimulating the salivary glands even before the first broadcast.

The first preview shows the four people properly training their stomachs with gamtae pasta and green onion kimchi. However, this was only for a moment, and Ra Mi-ran immediately made people burst into laughter with the scene where she started preparing the second meal by putting meat on the grill. Expectations are even higher for the unusual chemistry between members who are serious about eating.

◆ What happens in the romantic country of Southern France?

The destination for ‘Europe Outside Your Tent: France’ this time is Southern France, the culmination of European romance. This journey starts from Nice, passes through Verdon with its overwhelming natural beauty, Mont Aiguille filled with the atmosphere of the southern French countryside, Lyon and Chamonix, the cornerstone of French gastronomy, Mont Blanc in Chamonix, Lake Leman between the French and Swiss borders, and Burgundy, the world's best wine producing area, before embarking on a romantic journey. The end concludes the itinerary of 10 nights and 11 days in Paris.

A recent teaser showed a group of four people taking on the challenge of backpacking at Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps, while carrying 12kg backpacks. Not only can you enjoy the unrealistic nature of southern France, a land of romance, from the first row of your home, but the real-life camping stories of real-life women will add to your interest as it will provide raw fun.

◆ Continuing the legacy of hit IPs

'Europe Outside Your Tent: France', which debuted in 2022, followed the Swiss-Italian episode starring Yoo Hae-jin, Jin Seon-gyu, Park Ji-hwan and Yoon Kyun-sang, and early last year Cho Jin-woong, Choi Won-young, Park Myung-hoon and Kwon Yul showed off their perfect chemistry against the backdrop of Spain, gaining popularity. has been turned off. Season 1 members Yoo Hae-jin, Jin Seon-gyu, Park Ji-hwan and Yoon Gyun-sang reunited and received great love as they went on a dramatic journey toward the Aurora in extreme Norway. 'Europe Outside Your Tent: France', which clearly differentiated itself from other travel entertainment shows with the keyword 'camping', approached viewers in a friendly way against the backdrop of the magnificent nature and solidified its position as a trustworthy 'food buddy' entertainment show and a hit IP.

This time, it is expected to continue its popularity with the Southern France episode featuring the season's first female cast. In particular, with the strength of female entertainment that will continue in 2024, 'Europe Outside Your Tent: France' is expected to be at the forefront of female power entertainment as a new variation on the existing series.

tvN's new entertainment show 'Europe Outside Your Tent: France', which will feature real-life camping stories of women in romance in the romantic South of France, will premiere at 7:40 pm on the 18th as a follow-up to 'Business Genius White Sand Beach 2'.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google