Kang Kyung-jun, who kept his mouth shut, opened the possibility of settling the adultery lawsuit, but said, 'Well, I don't know.'
Kang Kyung-jun, who kept his mouth shut, opened the possibility of settling the adultery lawsuit, but said, 'Well, I don't know.'
With actor Kang Kyung-joon embroiled in a lawsuit claiming alimony for incest, the possibility of a settlement has opened up. However, there are questions about whether Kang Kyung-jun, who has kept his mouth shut and has not expressed any position, will be able to reach an agreement.

On the 6th, Seoul Central District Court Civil Division 209 (Presiding Judge Jo Jeong-hyeon) decided to refer to mediation the lawsuit filed by Plaintiff A against Kang Kyeong-jun on December 23 last year for compensation for incest, and delivered a copy of the mediation decision to both parties. Star News reported.

Referral to mediation is a procedure to encourage resolution of disputes through agreement between the parties under the judge's authority prior to proceeding with the main litigation process. If mediation between the two parties is established, it has the same effect as a final judgment, but if mediation is not established, a formal trial begins.

Previously, Mr. A pointed out Kang Kyung-jun as a man who had an incestuous relationship and filed a lawsuit seeking 50 million won in damages. Mr. A claimed, “Kang Kyung-jun had an affair with his wife, B, which led to the breakdown of the family,” and that “he committed misconduct even though he knew that B was a married woman.” However, Kang Kyung-jun has kept his mouth shut regarding this. The public demanded an explanation for Kang Kyeong-jun, who usually appeared with his family on various entertainment programs with the image of a lover, but he never opened his mouth.

Although the court opened the possibility of an agreement, considering Kang Kyung-jun's attitude of not actively explaining the matter, the possibility of this mediation referral being established is also predicted to be low.

It was reported that Kang Kyung-jun appointed three legal representatives on the 29th of last month and submitted a power of attorney to the Seoul Central District Court.

Meanwhile, Kang Kyung-jun married Jang Shin-young in 2018. Jang Shin-young received a great response when she revealed how she was carefully becoming a family with Jeong An, whom she had with her ex-husband. Kang Kyung-jun and Jang Shin-young welcomed their second child, Jung-woo, in September 2019.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google