'Picnic' Kim Young-ok × Na Moon-hee "Even if we are reborn, we will still be friends"
'Picnic' Kim Young-ok × Na Moon-hee "Even if we are reborn, we will still be friends"
Actors Na Moon-hee and Kim Young-ok from the movie 'Picnic' revealed their affection for each other.

'Picnic' is a story about two friends who are best friends and in-laws, who go on a trip to their hometown Namhae together for the first time in 60 years and reconnect with memories from when they were 16 years old. 'Picnic' tells the story of his childhood when he built precious friendships and memories with his friends, and although he is now old and sick, he reminds us that there was a time when he was innocent, and makes it seem like he has returned to that time. After it was released as a pre-release preview, it evoked reactions from many people, reminding them of the importance of friends they can be together with and the envy of friendships that allow them to go on picnics together until the end.

Like the lifelong friendship poster in 'Picnic', the appealing acting of actors Na Moon-hee and Kim Young-ok in the roles of lifelong friends 'Eun-sim' and 'Geum-sun' adds a heavy lingering feeling to their bright smiles, and their lives of joys and sorrows stimulate the audience's laughter and tears at the same time. do. When they are together, they portray a pure appearance as if they have returned to their teenage years, and they show off their perfect chemistry by expressing what a lifelong friend is, who goes through both happy and bad times and provides a strong support. They bickered, calling each other grumpy and grumpy, but in the end, they said, “Even if I’m reborn, I’ll still be your friend. The words “I love you” remind us of the meaning of being a friend. The 'picnic' they go on is even more touching because they can spend the precious days of old age, each day being different, and laugh with their friends.

Regarding her collaboration with Na Moon-hee, Kim Young-ok said, “I have seen her for a very long time, and she is an actress I have worked with in many works. When we pretend, we pretend.” Na Moon-hee said about this role, “I think there are different types of acting that can be done at that age. “If it weren’t for Kim Young-ok and I, it wouldn’t have been as easy to express it,” he explained, adding, “I thought it would be good to stay healthy for a long time.”

The acting harmony of Na Moon-hee, Kim Young-ok, and Park Geun-hyung is enough to captivate both middle-aged movie fans and family audiences. The stories of memories that bloom one by one as old friends hang out are even more affectionate and beautiful because they seem to be my story, not someone else's. In particular, since it is a movie that deals with the reality we will face in the future, it is expected that it will gain sympathy from all generations as it naturally reminds us of our parents and grandmothers and grandfathers.

'Picnic' will be released in theaters nationwide during the Lunar New Year holiday on February 7th.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google