Minoi, a meaningful post that brings tears to my eyes at dawn
Minoi, a meaningful post that brings tears to my eyes at dawn
Singer Minoy left her feelings during a tearful live broadcast.

On the 5th, Minoy said, "I am fighting with myself. This is the live broadcast I turned on with the title 'What Minoy did when she decided to tell a story in the middle of the night that can never be told in full' and this video was made with the people who filled my stage with me. “It’s a little embarrassing, but I wanted to remember this video, which means so much to me, as my favorite video, and show the real side of me that I face, minus all the playfulness and gritting my teeth,” he said.

He continued, "If you trust my judgment and actions, please watch my actions with a grateful heart through many works and music. There are many things I want to do. This is my first time writing such long articles and stories, so I dare to stand in front of you with great courage. “If I were to question my life as an artist, I would like to be confident in the actions I am responsible for and continue to express myself in that way,” he added.

Minoy said, "Because, unlike my standard of life, everyone lives within a framework set by law, and when you look at me in front of that, I should have acted with this level of humility, but I failed to do so, or I committed a sin that could be considered so." "That's what I've done. I'm sorry and thankful to so many people," he said.

Minoy said, "If you just watch and support me as I take responsibility for that, it sometimes looks quite dangerous and I wonder why I'm like that. Everyone has moments in life, but now I'm talking slowly because I'm telling a long story with sincerity, and I wonder why I'm like that." “I realized that being curious, evaluating me, and telling me something was of great help to me,” he confessed.

He also said, "For today, I will write everything I want to say with confidence. Instead of worrying, I will try to live by gratefully accepting the support or the worry. Please teach me. If that is something you think I can learn from, I want to learn from you as well. I hope it will be embarrassing for you." Everyone who read the long post said, “To me, I’m fighting.”

Minoy said, "I used those words because I have the standard for saying that I committed a sin and that it is a sin! I think I left out a lot of words that could cause too much concern and misunderstanding. That's not the case, everyone."

Mioni left an additional comment saying, "Feeling like kicking the blanket. Awesome."

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google