Park Ji-hoon♥Hong Ye-ji, a unique romance
Park Ji-hoon♥Hong Ye-ji, a unique romance
The special love triangle in ‘Fantasy Sonata’ is a hot topic.

In the 6th and 7th episodes of KBS 2TV's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Fantasy Sonata', which aired on the 22nd and 23rd, Sajo Hyun and Akhee (played by Park Ji-hoon) were shown in mixed emotions over the woman they loved. In particular, as it was revealed that Yeonwol (played by Hong Ye-ji) was in love with Sajo Hyeon, not Akhee, their conflicting love triangle became clear, and the three people's unique romance narrative was summarized at a glance.

# Sajo Hyeon and Yeonwol, love soaked in like clothes getting wet in a light rain
Sajo Hyeon, the crown prince of the Asae Kingdom, suffered for a long time from a trauma that occurred when he was young when the Yeon dynasty was wiped out. Sajo Hyeon, who first met Yeonwol who barely hid himself in the midst of the tragedy committed by his father, Sajo Seung (played by Kim Tae-woo), has lived with guilt for the rest of his life. A long time later, while he was working as a costume maker at a dry goods store in Jeojat Street, he reunited with Yeonwol, who came to repair his clothes, but he did not recognize her.

Afterwards, Sajo Hyeon lost his body to Ak-hee and when he returned, he was puzzled by the situation in which Yeon-wol had become his concubine and lost her memory, and was wary of her, thinking that she was Ak-hee's mistress. However, just as he was gradually opening his heart by helping Yeonwol in crisis, it was revealed that Yeonwol was a descendant of the Yeon dynasty. Then, a terrible incident occurred in which his father, Sajo Seung, was assassinated, and the relationship between the two was frozen again.

However, Sajo Hyeon decided to trust Yeonwol and ordered him to stay by his side even after he was crowned emperor. As the two people, whose relationship changed from that of a prince and concubine to that of an emperor and a concubine, began to confirm their feelings for each other, attention was focused on what kind of love story they would develop in the future.

# Ak-hee and Gye-ra, jumping into love without hesitation
The crown prince's second personality, Akhui, fought against Yeonwol, who was disguised as a man, in a gladiatorial arena on the street, and remembered her name as 'Gyera' and took it to heart. Akhui made Yeonwol lose her memory of infiltrating the palace to assassinate the king and tried to make her his concubine, but as she was taken away by Sajo Hyeon before the investiture ceremony, their relationship began to diverge again.

Akhee broke through Sajo Hyeon's personality due to his obsession with the woman he loved, but his relationship with Yeonwol seemed to end as he was permanently trapped in the 'space of the heart' due to Bonghamsal by shaman Chungta (played by Hwang Seok-jeong). However, when Yeonwol was falsely accused of assassinating the king and imprisoned, Sajo Hyeon offered himself to Akhui and asked him to save her. While fleeing from Sajo Yung's (played by Hwang Hee) killers, the two jumped into the river and carefully escaped. We kissed and created a mysterious romance.

Ak-hee, who was trapped in the 'space of the heart' again due to her desire that had grown too much, was released and realized that Yeon-wol's heart had turned towards Sajo-hyeon. In the end, at the end of the 7th episode, he accepted marriage with Geumhwa (played by Jiwoo) in the form of Sajo Hyeon, and attention was paid to what he would do in the future after changing due to a sense of betrayal, and where the arrows of love that had crossed each other would ultimately head.

In this way, 'Fantasy Sonata' is drawing viewers' over-immersion through the complex and sad love triangle between three people who look like two people. I wonder who will be the final winner between Sajo Hyeon and Akhui, who will end up with Yeonwol, and whether the two men who have been waging a fierce inner war will escape from the shackles of dual personalities.

Episode 8 of KBS 2TV's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Fantasy Sonata' will be broadcast at 10:10 pm on the 29th.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google