Jo Jung-seok, he’s bewitching people again
Jo Jung-seok, he’s bewitching people again
Actor Jo Jung-seok's passionate performance was effective.

Episodes 1 and 2 of tvN's 'Sejak, The Bewitched', which first aired on the 21st, were packed with no time to breathe, and Jo Jung-seok, who first appeared as Prince Jinhan's Lee In, densely portrayed a character with a turbulent life.

The life of Prince Jinhan Yi In was miserable. Due to his deep loyalty to his king and older brother, Lee Seon (played by Choi Dae-hoon), he was taken hostage by the Qing Dynasty without any resentment. He won the favor of the Qing emperor's favorite younger brother, King Yechin, and accomplished many things for the country and the people. However, upon his return to Joseon, Lee In It was so cold that the slander and checks on him for being greedy for grand prizes and acting as King Yechin's servant were rampant. In particular, Lee Seon, who had shown tears before going to the Qing Dynasty and told Yi In to come back alive, turned frighteningly cold and continued to use harsh words and attitudes, and Yi In, who was shunned by the country and king he loved, was in despair.

Yi In behaved like a libertine and constantly declared his loyalty to Yi Seon, but the situation only worsened as the palace was divided into those who wanted to elevate him and those who conspired against him. Jo Jung-seok's delicate acting, which does not reveal his emotions in order not to be swayed by their political strife and conspiracy despite the boiling anger and sorrow in the terrible situation, and Jo Jung-seok's passionate performance in expressing the humiliating situation due to the momentarily rising anger, overwhelmed and thrilled the viewers.

Meanwhile, Lee In meets Kang Hee-soo (played by Shin Se-kyung), a baduk player, and becomes drawn to Kang Hee-soo, a confident man who gives back to those who criticize him. Lee In, who even received a stabbing attack from a gunman attacking Kang Hee-soo, sits down with Kang Hee-soo and plays baduk. After giving her his beloved nickname, Mong-woo (Smoky Drizzle), he promises to meet again on the day when Mong-woo falls, creating a strange atmosphere of affection for each other. It created a fluttering excitement. In particular, the sight of the two people running through the rain and smiling at each other to keep their promise on a day when the moon was falling made the excitement index soar and doubled the interest in the relationship that will unfold in the future.

Jo Jung-seok portrayed the ever-changing amplitude of emotions, once again showing his solid inner strength and acting skills. Jo Jung-seok made viewers hold their breath the moment he suppressed his emotions, strongly empathized with him when he burst out, and gave a warm excitement when he smiled, drawing viewers' attention right from the first broadcast. In particular, the detailed performance of Lee In, who had been holding on strongly, but slightly collapses when Kang Hee-su, who is on his side, was conveyed with a thrill, and the affectionate voice and eyes toward Kang Hee-soo caused a thrill of excitement and deepened the character 'Lee In' played by Jo Jung-seok. I made it happen.

As a result, attention is focused on the exciting development and Jo Jung-seok's passionate performance from the first broadcast, and heightened interest and expectations are growing for the story to unfold in the future.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google