Hive Artist concert hall banners are reborn as bags and wallets
Hive Artist concert hall banners are reborn as bags and wallets
Hive artist's performance and fan meeting banners are reborn as upcycling merch (official products).

Hive announced on the 22nd that it will join hands with upcycling brand Nukak to carry out 'HYBE Upcycling refers to 'upcycling' that goes beyond simple recycling of various discarded items and gives them new value and turns them into products. Nuqak is a global upcycling brand that produces banners provided by companies and organizations into bags, wallets, and cell phone cases.

Currently, most banners hung at artist performance venues are discarded after the event. Hive embarked on this project with the belief that upcycling some of these items and turning them into merch could serve as a medium for fans to remember the experiences they had at concert halls and fan meetings.

In this project, banners hung at concerts and fan events of five teams, including BTS, Seventeen, Tomorrow by Together, Enhyphen, and Le Seraphim, were used. These include BTS's 10th anniversary debut event '2023 BTS FESTA', Seventeen's fan meeting CARAT LAND, Tomorrow by Together and Enhyphen's second world tour opening performance, and Le Seraphim's first fan meeting 'Bloom'. This includes banners used for events that have great meaning to both artists and fans, such as '(FEARNADA)'.

Nukkak washed the collected banners and coated them to enhance durability and improved the quality of the fabric through anti-pollution treatment. Afterwards, the fabric was cut and handcrafted into merch such as ▲card wallet ▲pouch ▲string cross bag (bag that can be worn sideways) ▲messenger bag (bag big enough to carry mail).

Unlike ready-made merch, the designs vary greatly depending on the part of the banner used. This is my limited edition, the only one in the world. Fans are expected to recall memories of the scene through the artist logo, colors, and performance title in the merch.

A Hive official said, “The upcycling merch created through collaboration with Nuqak will become a unique gift and collectible that shares memories between artists and fans.” He added, “We will continue to plan various merch that will bring fun and emotion to fans.” said.

A Nuqak official said, “We expect that this banner upcycling merch project will not only expand fan experience but also contribute to a virtuous cycle of resources,” and added, “We will continue our cooperative relationship with Hive.”

Among the upcycling merch, excluding the messenger bag, 3 types will be sold through ‘Weverse Shop’ from 11 am on the 23rd, and the messenger bag will be sold through a draw method on the limited edition trading platform ‘KREAM’. You can purchase it. At the Nuqak offline store ‘Nukak Casa’ located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, you can view and purchase the products on display.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google