Cheondung “Eldest sister Sandara Park has no intention of getting married”
Cheondung “Eldest sister Sandara Park has no intention of getting married”
‘Idol couple’ Cheondung♥Mimi will appear for the first time on ‘Joseon’s Lover’.

In 'Joseon's Lover', which will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 22nd, the 'three Park siblings', including Sandara Park, Durami Park, and Cheondung, will appear on air as a 'complete group' for the first time in 20 years and attract attention. Sandara Park expressed her affection for Cheondung, saying, “I always said I raised him on my back, and he was the youngest brother I raised with great care,” and Park Durami said reassuringly, saying, “Even though he is my younger brother who is two years older than me, I depend on him like an older brother.”

Cheondung, who was the first to announce his marriage, said, “It’s been a while since my eldest sister stopped thinking about marriage, and my second sister also broke up for a while,” and revealed the reason why he, the youngest, became the ‘first hitter’. Meanwhile, Mimi, Thunder's 'bride-to-be', said in a pre-release video shown by the production team ahead of the broadcast, "I really want to become close with my sisters," and "It would have been better if she was just an ordinary sister..." I honestly confessed that ‘fandom’ and ‘difficulty’ coexist.

In addition, the situation in which only three people, Sandara Park, Park Durami, and Mimi, remained in the recording studio without Thunder was also revealed. There was only silence at the scene, and Mimi fixed her gaze in the opposite direction of her sisters-in-law. Eventually, after an awkward laugh broke the silence, Park Durami barely said one thing, “We usually just laugh, right?” However, even after that, the three remained silent again, creating tension.

The full-fledged entry into 'Idol Sea World' of the Cheondung♥Mimi couple, where both the sister-in-law and the bride-to-be are idols, will be revealed in the 27th episode of the real documentary entertainment 'Joseon's Lover', which will be broadcast on TV CHOSUN at 10 pm on January 22nd.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google