Lee Dong-wook, expectations with confidence
Lee Dong-wook, expectations with confidence
Lee Dong-wook turned expectations for ‘Killers’ Shopping Mall’ into confidence.

In episodes 1 and 2 of Disney+'s original series 'Killers' Shopping Mall', which premiered on the 17th, Lee Dong-wook played the role of Jeong Jin-man, the owner of a shopping mall called 'Murder Help' and the uncle of Jeong Ji-an (Kim Hye-jun, Ahn Se-bin). Lee Dong-wook presented a fresh look with an ordinary but mysterious and sometimes sad face, 180 degrees different from the soft and witty appearance he showed in his previous works.

Lee Dong-wook, who appeared with a natural appearance and extremely plain clothes, naturally blended into the play by acting as an uncle who could exist in real life. But Jin Man was not an ordinary uncle. He attracted attention with unusual aspects, such as explaining to Jian about the use of squares in space and buying him a wardrobe that can stop bullets in his bedroom. Among them, Lee Dong-wook not only helped us understand Jin-man's personality right away with his indifferent expression and dry dialogue tone, but also made the character's charm stand out even more.

Lee Dong-wook delicately portrayed the process of Jin-man and Ji-an's bond building in a situation where they are suddenly left alone in the world. Jin-man, who looked at Jian, who suffered from aphasia after losing his parents, closed the door, came out, and punched himself in the face repeatedly, clearly conveyed his mixed feelings of regret and guilt toward Jian. Also, in the scene where Ji-an is rescued from being bullied and trapped in a warehouse, Jin-man hugs and pats Ji-an tightly, saying, “I’m sorry I’m so late, Jeong Ji-an,” and his heartbreaking eyes make even the viewers cry.

In this way, Lee Dong-wook captured the hearts of viewers by instantly confirming their expectations before the release of 'Killers' Shopping Mall'. Not only did it express the character 'Jeong Jin-man' in an attractive way, but it also made us deeply sympathize with the narrative built up in detail through his eyes, facial expressions, and voice. Jin-man's gun action revealed in the main trailer and his unrevealed past as a mercenary stimulate curiosity as to how the audience will be drawn into it, and attention is being paid to the story that Lee Dong-wook will present in 'Killers' Shopping Mall' in the future.

Meanwhile, Disney+'s original series 'Killers' Shopping Mall' starring Lee Dong-wook is released every Wednesday on Disney+.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google