‘Active King of Singer’ male version also released
‘Active King of Singer’ male version also released
The male version of ‘Active King of Singers’ is coming in the second half of this year.

MBN's 'Active Singer' is a survival entertainment show that selects the top 7 active female trot singers representing Korea to participate in the 'Trot Korea-Japan Exhibition' to be held in 2024. The last 8 episodes of 'King of Singers' recorded the highest viewership rating of 15.3% according to Nielsen Korea, a ratings agency, breaking its own highest viewership rating for 7 weeks in a row. In addition, it is showing signs of retaining the throne of number one in viewership ratings, including on all channels, on Tuesdays.

In relation to this, 'Active King of Singer' announced the launch of a male version of 'Active Singer' to determine the top among active male trot singers in Korea, with the goal of broadcasting in the second half of 2024. It is a decision that responds to the growing interest in the 'King of Active Singers' as the show goes on and the passionate request that "I am curious to see active male trot singers standing on the same stage like female trot singers."

In particular, active male trot singers in Korea include first-generation legendary singers who opened the door to the Korean trot scene and caused a revival, second-generation singers who spanned generations through the trot genre, and third-generation singers who opened up the possibility of a new 'New Trot'. National trot singers are showing their status.

Attention is focused on which of Korea's representative male active singers will appear in the male version of 'King of Active Singers', and on the 'male version of active male singers' whale fight' in which they will go back to the beginning, put aside their pride, and compete for their capabilities.

The production team said, “We are grateful that ‘Active King of Singer’ has continued its upward trend that has never been broken for 8 episodes and is receiving a lot of love and support,” adding, “The male active version of ‘Active Singer’ will receive full participation support with the goal of broadcasting in the second half of the year. Is expected. “Please look forward to the male version of ‘King of Singers’, which will captivate viewers with a different power and charm than the active female version.”

Meanwhile, in the 8th episode of MBN's 'King of Active Singers' held on the 16th, a total of 14 active singers were confirmed to advance to the semifinals after a fierce performance. It garnered explosive support as it created a touching scene where both those leaving and those left behind shed tears of regret. 'Active King of Singer' is currently conducting the 7th 'Public Support Vote' through the Now app, and the 'Public Support Vote' rankings are included in the scores of the semifinals and finals. Episode 9 will be broadcast at 9:40 pm on the 23rd.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google