They have the same warm heart... Do Kyung-soo's fan club donates 103.6 million won over 5 years
They have the same warm heart... Do Kyung-soo's fan club donates 103.6 million won over 5 years
Actor Do Kyung-soo's (EXO D.O.) fan club 'DO Kyung-soo Daum' announced on the 12th that in celebration of Do Kyung-soo's birthday, it donated 12 million won in love for children suffering from childhood cancer and leukemia.

'DO Kyungsoo Daum', which has donated a total of 103.6 million won over the past five years, is participating in the good influence of Do Kyungsoo who always takes care of the health and happiness of those around him, starting with the 'Swing Kids' movie ticket sharing event in 2018. We have been delivering happiness through consistent sharing activities for the past 5 years, such as sponsoring local children's scholarships, helping neighbors affected by floods, donating to the National Disaster Relief Association to prevent COVID-19 infection, and making regular monthly donations to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Do Kyung-soo showed deeper acting skills not only through EXO activities and solo album 'Expectation', but also in the movie 'The Moon', and was nominated for the Best Actor Award at the 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards. In the entertainment show 'Kong Kong Red Bean Red Bean', which ranked first in its time slot for 8 consecutive weeks, it showed off the presence of the golden youngest member, presenting pleasant energy and healing to viewers, and continued its trend by showing off unique charms in various fields such as movies and entertainment. In addition, Do Kyung-soo, who has booked a busy year including the release of a solo album, the release of the movie 'The Unspeakable Secret', and consideration of appearing in the drama 'Sculpture City', is raising expectations of fans to see what kind of leap he will show in 2024, the Year of the Blue Dragon.

The donations donated by ‘DO Kyungsoo Daum’ will be used to cover treatment costs for children suffering from childhood cancer, leukemia, and rare incurable diseases. The Korea Children's Cancer Foundation's surgery and hospital treatment cost support project provides support of a minimum of 5 million won to a maximum of 30 million won for patients under the age of 25 who have been diagnosed with childhood cancer, leukemia, or rare incurable diseases under the age of 19, and the cost of surgery and hospital treatment. , is used for transplant expenses, purchase of orphan drugs, and support for hospital auxiliary equipment.

Hong Seung-yoon, director of the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation, expressed his thoughts, saying, “We will support the future activities of Do Kyung-soo, who is active not only as a singer and actor but also in entertainment.”

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google