Lee Sung-kyung donates 100 million won to Dankook University Hospital
Lee Sung-kyung donates 100 million won to Dankook University Hospital
Actress Lee Sung-kyung has been spreading warmth through good deeds since the New Year.

According to her agency YG Entertainment on the 10th, Lee Sung-kyung donated 100 million won to Dankook University Hospital last year. This donation was made in response to Lee Sung-kyung's appearance in the SBS drama 'Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 3'. In the play, Lee Sung-kyung left a deep impression by playing the role of Cha Eun-jae, a thoracic surgeon specializing in trauma at the Doldam Hospital Regional Trauma Center.

Lee Sung-kyung said, "Through appearing in a medical drama, I became interested in the field of trauma care, which is the mainstay of essential medical care, and I wanted to indirectly experience the reality of trauma care in Korea and be of even a small help in the development of the medical field that strives to save trauma patients." .

The donation will be used to build and develop the medical system of the regional trauma center at Dankook University Hospital, which is responsible for emergency surgery and treatment of severe trauma patients in the South Chungcheong region.

Lee Sung-kyung, who has previously worked hard to spread 'good influence' through continuous sharing, has made donations for disaster recovery such as COVID-19, forest fires, and floods, as well as challenges to support single mothers, low-income families, vulnerable children, children with cancer, etc., and proceeds from OST music. We are continuing our social contribution activities in various ways, including donations. Lee Sung-kyung, who actively seeks out places in need of help and consistently practices good deeds, is also serving as an example to many.

At the end of last year, Lee Sung-kyung won the grand prize at the 'SBS Drama Awards' and the best acting award at the 'Seoulcon Apan Star Awards' through 'Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 3' and released the digital single 'Eat Well, Live Well'.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google