“I lost my husband at the age of 30, and the police suspected me of having an affair.”
“I lost my husband at the age of 30, and the police suspected me of having an affair.”
Seo Jang-hoon and Lee Soo-geun were saddened by the story of the ‘Ask Bodhisattva’ storyteller.

In the 249th episode of 'Ask Me Anything', which aired on KBS Joy on the 8th, the story of the dreams of a 58-year-old man, Hak-do, who lost her life after losing her husband in a mysterious murder case published about 30 years ago.

When Seo Jang-hoon cautiously asked her about the incident after hearing that she had lost her husband in a mysterious accident at the age of 30, the story shocked her by answering “a murder case.” Afterwards, she raised her two children alone with her mother and suffered a series of bad news, including being the victim of a rental fraud. I recalled the difficult days of my life.

In 1997, her husband, who had never stayed out even once, did not return home and was reported missing. However, as there were many cases of people leaving home seeking divorce at the time, the missing person's report was rejected and the storyteller, who waited, said, "A burnt body was found on the rice field." He said that he received a shocking call from the police, and that two months had already passed without any clues being found, and the 15-year statute of limitations had passed, and the culprit had not been caught.

It is unfair that she lost her husband at the young age of 30, but the storyteller became the first person to be suspected, was followed by a detective, and was even suspected by people around her of cheating. She was so scared that she could not go out and stayed at home, and eventually returned to her hometown of Daegu. He continued his story by saying that he was going down to .

After getting into a taxi, the storyteller asked the taxi driver, “Where are you from?” I heard suspicious words like “Let’s go to Mt. Palgong,” and since I had just experienced my husband’s incident at the time, I was obsessed with the thought, “I too will be taken to Mt. Palgong and suffer the same thing as my husband,” and was afraid. Because of the trauma from that time, I still can’t take a taxi. The two Bodhisattvas were greatly saddened.

Further ordeals continued for the storyteller, who was living a difficult life raising her two children alone with her mother. He lost 35 million won, his entire property, in a lease scam, and while trying to save the house that was auctioned off, he ended up in additional debt of up to 50 million won, and is still struggling with debt to this day.

In addition, the storyteller mentioned an anecdote in which he asked his young children to "just stay in the orphanage for two years" because it was so difficult to raise children while starving, and he shed tears saying he was so sorry because he still vividly remembers the children kneeling and crying and praying. “You didn’t send it in the end,” he said. “I wonder how hard it must have been for you to say that.” He understood the storyteller’s feelings and comforted him.

The storyteller, who said that despite his turbulent life, he received a full scholarship and is studying at university to achieve his academic dream, he revealed his desire to go to graduate school and expressed his concerns, saying, “I am of late age and my circumstances are not good, so perhaps graduate school is not a luxury.”

To the storyteller, who said that other than the house he is currently living in, the only thing he has left is long-term insurance that he had purchased as a form of debt and inheritance, Seo Jang-hoon laments, "You didn't have a life of your own because you suffered all your life," and if going to graduate school is really your dream, even if it is a waste, you should at least break the insurance and go to graduate school. Manhak also wholeheartedly supported the storyteller's dream of going on to college, and Lee Soo-geun also said, "Now just chase happiness," and blessed the storyteller's future as he pursues his dream of becoming a master's degree student.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google