Boy Next Door's Myung Jae-hyeon and RIIZE's So-hee selected as MCs for 'M Countdown'
Boy Next Door's Myung Jae-hyeon and RIIZE's So-hee selected as MCs for 'M Countdown'
Mnet's 'M Countdown' selected BOYNEXTDOOR's Myung Jae-hyun and RIIZE's So-hee as new MCs.

On the 5th, Mnet said, “Boy Next Door’s Myung Jae-hyeon and RIIZE’s So-hee were selected as MCs of ‘M Countdown’” and “Along with Zero Base One’s Sung Han-bin, who joined as ‘M Countdown’ MCs in September last year, they will form a 3 MC system, and will be held on the 1st. “We plan to officially become MCs starting from the live broadcast on Thursday, the 11th of February,” he said.

Seong Han-bin, who was selected as the official MC of 'M Countdown' before Myung Jae-hyun and Sohee joined and proved his smooth hosting skills, is the leader of the group Zero Base One, which debuted in July of last year. Zero Base One became a 'Double Million Seller' for two consecutive albums, and also won six rookie awards at leading award ceremonies within half a year of its debut.

Myung Jae-hyun, who was selected as the new MC of 'M Countdown', is a member of Boy Next Door who debuted in May of last year and has been attracting attention in the music industry even before his official debut, winning his first rookie award about two months after his debut. Boy Next Door proved their remarkable growth by entering the US Billboard main album chart 'Billboard 200' with their first mini album, 112 days after their debut.

Sohee is a member of RIIZE, who debuted in September of last year, and is a super rookie whose first single album became a million-seller in just one week. Rise, who has made a mark with his ever-changing charms in each song he releases, from the bold debut song 'Siren' to the refreshing 'Memories', funky 'Get A Guitar', and powerful 'Talk Saxy', is releasing a new single today (5th). is scheduled to be released.

The ‘M Countdown’ production team said, “We are expecting to create even younger and trendier synergy with the new MC team, who are all born in the 2000s and are super rookies who showed outstanding performance last year.”

Mnet's 'M Countdown' airs every Thursday at 6 PM.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google