Woman who threatened Lee Sun-gyun sues YouTuber for defamation after revealing personal information
Woman who threatened Lee Sun-gyun sues YouTuber for defamation after revealing personal information
It has been reported that Park (28), a 28-year-old woman suspected of extorting tens of millions of won from the late actor Lee Sun-gyun by threatening him, is filing a defamation suit against the YouTuber who disclosed her personal information.

On the 3rd, YouTuber Caracula said through his YouTube channel Caracula Crime Lab community, "I received news from an acquaintance of Park ○○ that Park ○○, who threatened to blackmail Lee Sun-kyun, plans to sue me for defamation through his lawyer. “He said. The YouTuber recently revealed personal information, including Park's real name and photo.

In relation to this, Caracula said, "Lee Seon-gyun's suspects and personal information were made public through the media based solely on the statement of Kim △△ (the female manager of an entertainment establishment), a 6-year-old criminal with a drug record. Not only was he summoned by the police, he was put on a photo line, and he was hacked to death in front of the entire nation. He was also a blackmailer. He pointed out, “The provocative transcript revealed by Park ○○ revealed unnecessary private life.”

At the same time, he asked, "Some people are actors, so they will be exposed all on suspicion without evidence, and some people are unknown actors, so even if there is a lot of clear evidence, shouldn't it be made public?"

He said, "(Park's father) expressed tremendous anger towards me for revealing his daughter's face and name and said, 'I will make sure that I am punished by the law.'" He added, "It seems that blood is thicker than water."

Previously, Caracula revealed new information about Mr. Park. Afterwards, additional information about Mr. Park became known online, and it was also reported that he had a history of working as a movie actor, including appearing in independent films in the 2010s.

Meanwhile, Mr. Park was arrested on the 28th of last month on charges of threatening Lee Seon-gyun and taking 50 million won. Mr. Park attracted attention by appearing holding a baby while attending a suspect interrogation (warrant substantive examination) before arrest. Accordingly, the Korean Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse filed a complaint against Mr. Park on charges of child abuse.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google