Shin Hyun-bin, jealous of Jung Woo-sung's ex-lover Kim Ji-hyun
Shin Hyun-bin, jealous of Jung Woo-sung's ex-lover Kim Ji-hyun
'Tell me you love me' The relationships surrounding Jung Woo-sung began to become entangled.

In episode 11 of Genie TV's original 'Tell Me You Love Me', which was released on the 1st, Jeong Mo-eun (played by Shin Hyun-bin) was depicted going through mental turmoil as she prepared for Cha Jin-woo's (played by Jung Woo-sung) solo exhibition.

On this day, Cha Jin-woo was not swayed by Song Seo-kyung's (Kim Ji-hyun) apology. He said, “The time after breaking up is up to each person. And you're right. Because the me back then is no longer there. If you have any baggage left in your heart, you can throw it away. “It’s okay,” he said and turned around.

But this calmness did not last long. Cha Jin-woo goes to the police station on charges of property damage after someone reported the 'Dino' mural. Song Seo-kyung, who accompanied the interpreter, confessed that she knew Cha Jin-woo was Dino on the way out after finishing the investigation. At the same time, he hinted, “There was nothing left in the seven years after we broke up.” In response, Cha Jin-woo said, “Don’t keep trying to bring out past memories from me. It doesn't matter whose fault it is. “I don’t need it anymore,” he said, letting out the emotions he had been suppressing. I knew him better than anyone else, and that was why I resented the person who had hurt me the most and left. Jeong Mo-eun was standing where he turned, leaving Song Seo-kyung behind, and Cha Jin-woo finally calmed down his anger and left with her.

Cha Jin-woo confessed his activities as Dino to Jeong Mo-eun, who asked what was going on. He also took out the note that Jeong Mo-eun had left on the mural in Jeju Island and said, “I kept it precious. I still open it sometimes. “When I read this, I feel like it somehow tells me that it’s okay to keep drawing,” he said. Jeong Mo-eun smiled brightly after realizing that they had been comforting to each other from the beginning.

Aside from the deepening love, the relationship between Cha Jin-woo and Song Seo-kyung continued to make Jeong Mo-eun uncomfortable. Within the center, the past relationship between the two people was already secretly spread. Even on the day of the solo exhibition that finally opened, the person next to Cha Jin-woo was Song Seo-kyung, who played the role of an interpreter. During the brief break that followed, Jeong Mo-eun, who was resting in a corner of the center with Cha Jin-woo, unexpectedly overheard an argument between Song Seo-kyung and Kwon Do-hoon (Park Ki-deok). Unlike Song Seo-kyung, who lowers her voice for fear of being heard, she says in exasperation, “Why do I care about other people’s attention? He was getting angry, saying, “He’s the guy who stalked Song Seo-kyung and even set fire to the art school.”

He continued, “What is your real reason for doing this? Do you want to do well again by making Cha Jin-woo a star writer? “Have you still not forgotten Cha Jin-woo?” Song Seo-kyung was unable to answer.

Meanwhile, the sight of Jeong Mo-eun and Yoon Jo-han (played by Lee Jae-gyun) facing each other with different emotions on this day also attracted attention. Jeong Mo-eun, who visited Yoon Jo-han's house to prepare for her role, told him the news that Oh Ji-yu (Park Jin-joo) and Jeong Mo-dam (Shin Jae-hwi) were dating. Although he was surprised by this, he said, “It must have been very difficult for you, Modam.” How anxious you must have been for fear of being caught doing something you liked. Yoon Jo-han said, “You don’t know, you’ve never had a crush on a friend without anyone knowing.” The overflowing emotions in the sorrowful eyes captured the attention of the viewers.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google