Shin Dong-yeop, unable to speak, halts proceedings
Shin Dong-yeop, unable to speak, halts proceedings
“I can’t see it. “It’s a bit difficult to proceed.”

‘Active King of Singer’ MC Shin Dong-yeop sits down in his seat after 10 seconds of silence and sighs.

MBN's 'Active Singer King' is a survival entertainment show that selects the top 7 active female trot singers representing Korea to participate in the 'Korea-Japan Trot King Battle' to be held in 2024. The 5th episode of 'Active King of Singers' once again broke its own highest viewership rating and ranked first in viewership ratings on all channels in the same time slot for 5 consecutive weeks.

In addition, its popularity has skyrocketed in many ways, with contestant Lin and 'King of Singers' reruns ranking among the keywords for non-drama search issues, as well as second place in non-drama TV search responses in the second week of December according to TV hotness research agency Good Data Corporation. It made me realize.

In the 6th episode of 'King of Active Singers', which airs at 9:40 pm on the 2nd, MC Shin Dong-yeop is unable to continue speaking while announcing the discharge of active singers. A situation where progress was halted occurred. After all the stages of the second round of the finals, including the team mission and the battle, there was a time to decide who would survive and who would have to leave. The masters who participated in the judging carefully selected the final entries based on their own sharp standards, raising tension to the maximum.

Shin Dong-yeop placed a total of 20 teams in front of him, excluding the first-place team, which all advanced to the next round, and called out each additional successful candidate, saying, “It’s not a lack of skill, it’s just the fate that got us this far.” Let's begin. Those in the successful group were filled with anxiety and regret for the team mission members whose names had not been called yet, and the participants in the discharged group were filled with tears due to regret and disappointment for not being able to join them. In the end, the last additional successful candidate was called and everyone was sobbing. Manda.

In particular, Shin Dong-yeop watched the largest number of people eliminated in all rounds of ‘King of Singers’ and said, “Everyone worked hard. I was also very happy watching from the sidelines. But to say goodbye like this...” he started, unable to continue speaking. Seeing this, the active duty staff once again shed the tears they had been holding back, and Shin Dong-yeop quickly turns around and struggles to return to his seat with the words, “Thank you for your hard work,” and then expresses his feelings to the production crew, saying, “It’s so hard.”

And Shin Dong-yeop's tearful appearance as he looks at the active duty soldiers leaving in the dark with the lights turned off brings tears to the eyes of everyone at the scene. Attention is focused on the final results of the second round of the finals, where Shin Dong-yeop, an icon of composure and a genius in progress, showed his sincerity toward active players in a more humane way than ever before.

The production team of ‘Active King of Singer’ said, “The production team was also surprised by Shin Dong-yeop’s completely unexpected tears and appeal. “I was grateful to feel Shin Dong-yup’s deep affection and commitment to the program and the cast,” he said. “Talented people who were not even expected to be released ended up leaving. “Please watch this sad moment.”

Meanwhile, MBN's 'Active Singer' is conducting the 4th 'public support vote' through the Now app. After accessing the Now app, search for ‘King of Active Singers’, press the live screen, and then press the ‘hourglass’ button on the real-time chat screen to select the 7 active teams of your choice. Voting is possible once per day per ID, and the ranking of the 'public support vote' is included in the scores of the semifinals and finals.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google