Police Agency Employee A: “I do not sympathize with the death of Lee Seon-gyun.”
Police Agency Employee A: “I do not sympathize with the death of Lee Seon-gyun.”
As actor Lee Sun-kyun (48) passed away while being investigated on drug charges, the theory of police responsibility came to the fore, and a supposed employee of the National Police Agency, Mr. A, posted a post on an anonymous community, sparking controversy.

On the 27th, Mr. A, an employee of the National Police Agency, posted a post on 'Blind' with the title 'I will not sympathize with the death of suspect Lee Seon-gyun.' Mr. A asked the public to take responsibility, saying, “Can you be proud of yourself?” The police then claimed that they only investigated in accordance with legal procedures.

In addition, "The police requested Seon-kyun Lee's attendance according to the procedure and investigated him based on the credible statement of the manager of the drug suspect business," he said. "They never determined that he was a suspect and did not send him to the prosecution. Subject to investigation based on the statement and evidence." It is not only famous celebrities who are arrested and investigated, but at this point in time when a large-scale war on drugs has been declared and a national response has been declared, even if the letter 'ㅁ' in the word 'drug' is used, it is considered a subject of investigation and must be dealt with strictly. . That was just Lee Sun-kyun.”

Regarding the leaked details of Lee Seon-gyu's drug investigation, Mr. A concluded, "The police cannot leak the details of the investigation." In addition, "The investigation process has progressed to some extent, and if this person is truly suspected, he may leak it at that time, but without even going through the investigation process and even before appearing as a suspect to hear a statement, the details of the investigation will be revealed without even going through the arraignment process." “If you spill it, various external pressures come in, so even if you want to, you can’t,” he countered.

He also asked, “Was it the police who confirmed that Mr. Lee Sun-kyun was ‘suspected of drugs’ when he was ‘suspected of drugs’? Was it a journalist? Or were you the ones who decided that he ‘did drugs’?” and “Aren’t you the ones who want to know everything more than anyone else?” He said. He continued, "The police and media are responsible. We cannot evade responsibility. But aren't you also responsible?"

Lastly, "I feel so sorry for Mr. Lee Sun-kyun. However, if he was fair, he should have endured until the end. If he really did it, he should have endured and said, 'I'm sorry I did it,' or 'I really didn't do it,' rather than making the excuse, 'I snorted it, but I thought it was a sleeping pill.' It will be glorified as death." "It's not a problem. I don't think it's worth dying for that much. Even worse people keep their heads up and live well. I pray for the soul of the deceased. But I won't sympathize with him," he added.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google