Jang Dong-yoon and Lee Joo-myeong said, “You’re a police officer, right?”
Jang Dong-yoon and Lee Joo-myeong said, “You’re a police officer, right?”
'Flowers bloom even in the sand' Jang Dong-yoon noticed Lee Joo-myeong's undercover investigation.

In the 4th episode of ENA's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand', which aired on the 28th, Kim Baek-du (played by Jang Dong-yoon) found out that Oh Yoo-kyung (=Oh Doo-sik/Lee Joo-myeong) was a police officer. Oh Yoo-kyung's mother-in-law, whom she ran into by chance, remembered that she was Choo Mi-sook (played by Seo Jeong-yeon), the older sister of Oh Doo-sik who had been her role model when she was young. The sudden ending that embarrassed Oh Yoo-kyung by asking, “Are you a police officer?” raised curiosity. Above all, Kim Baek-du broke everyone's expectations that Kwak Jin-soo (played by Lee Jae-jun) had the upper hand and held a tight battle. While the winner of the rivalry match has not been decided, attention is also focused on who will be the coach of the Geosan County Office Ssireum team.

Kim Baek-doo hesitated to offer a coach due to Oh Yoo-kyung's sincerity that the team and himself needed him. However, Kim Baek-doo was worried about Kwak Jin-soo, who had turned down his position as coach of his team, Seongwon City Hall, to become coach of the Geosan County Office Ssireum team. Kim Baek-du tried to calm down despite his brothers' persuasion, but he could not ignore Oh Yu-kyung's sincerity.

The villagers were also excited. A debate arose as to who was better suited as the coach of the wrestling team: Kim Baek-du or Kwak Jin-su. A strange war of nerves continued between 'Baekdu's mother' Ma Jin-sook (played by Jang Young-nam) and 'Jinsu's mother' Lim Hyeon-ja (played by Hwang Seok-jeong), who are inseparable. Kim Baek-du visited Kwak Jin-su to negotiate. Kim Baek-du asked Kwak Jin-su if he really needed to coach at Geosan, and Kwak Jin-su suggested a head-to-head match, saying, “Let’s just stick together.” However, Kim Baek-doo was not confident about competing with Kwak Jin-su, who won the Geumgangjangsa title four times. The moment I gave up and turned around, I made eye contact with Oh Yoo-kyung, and without even realizing it, she said, “I’m not confident I’ll lose to you... I’m not confident I’ll lose to you!”

The people of Geosan came out in droves to watch the 'rival match' between Kim Baek-du and Kwak Jin-su, who were competing for the position of coach of the Geosan County Office Ssireum team. Contrary to expectations, Kim Baek-du and Kwak Jin-su continued their tight match. The wrestling ring heated up as Kim Baek-doo did well against an ace who was in a different weight class and had been in the gold medal four times. The moment the third round, which would decide the winner, began, something unexpected happened. Detectives visited Kim Baek-doo and the game was stopped.

Kim Baek-du was designated as the last witness of Choi Chil-seong (played by Won Hyun-jun), who died in the reservoir. Kim Baek-du, who was caught on CCTV arguing with Choi Chil-seong, was put in a difficult situation. When asked to tell the truth about what happened, Kim Baek-doo said he was drunk and could not remember anything. It was Joo Mi-ran (Kim Bo-ra) who saved Kim Baek-du, who was almost unfairly accused of being a suspect in Choi Chil-seong's murder. With the testimony of witness Joo Mi-ran, Kim Baek-du's summons ended with a 'funny' incident. The identity of the 40,000 won that a drunken Kim Baek-doo tried to give to Choi Chil-sung while fighting was the change that Choi Chil-sung did not receive at the banquet, the money that Kim Baek-doo had 'spoofed'. Kim Baek-doo's appearance, as if he were confessing to a big mistake, made even the police officers who were watching the investigation laugh.

Meanwhile, Kim Baek-du also learned a new truth. Kim Baek-du knew that Choo Mi-sook was not Oh Yoo-kyung's mother-in-law, but rather his childhood role model, 'Mi-sook's older sister.' Kim Baek-du, who had always sensed something strange, ran to Oh Yoo-kyung and asked, “Are you a police officer?” Kim Baek-du threw a series of fastballs at Oh Yoo-kyung, who was taken aback by the unexpected question, saying, “You’re not even married, right?” Here, “Kids who look fierce on the outside but have developed instinctive instincts. Min Hyun-wook (played by Yoon Jong-seok) said, "Once those kids get their act together, there's nothing they can fool," raising expectations for the wind of change that will blow upon them.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google