Mimi "I'm trying to become closer to my sister-in-law, Sandara Park."
Mimi "I'm trying to become closer to my sister-in-law, Sandara Park."
Mimi, a former member of Gugudan, mentioned Sandara Park, who will be her sister-in-law.

On the 18th, TV Chosun's 'Joseon's Lover' Season 2 production presentation was held online. Kim Gook-jin, Kang Su-ji, Hwang Bo-ra, Kim Ji-min, Choi Seong-guk, Lee Soo-min, Won Hyeok, Yoo Hyeon-cheol, Kim Seul-gi, Thunder, Mimi, Lee Seung-hoon CP, and Gorak-won PD attended.

In July of this year, Cheondung and Mimi confessed that they were in a secret relationship and that they were planning to get married next year. On this day, Cheondung said, "I was cautious about bringing up the topic of marriage to my family. There was no news of my sisters getting married at all. As the youngest member, I was worried about what they would say if I told them, but rather than worrying, they gave me more congratulations and support."

Mimi said about Cheondung's older sister, Sandara Park, "I get nervous every time I meet her because she's a senior idol. She still looks like a celebrity and I'm really nervous," adding, "But I'm still trying to become friends with her. Recently, the four of us created a group chat room and went to eat chicken feet." He said.

Season 2 of 'Joseon's Lover' is an expanded version that contains not only the marriage process but also a more colorful love story while maintaining the nature of a hyper-realistic documentary show that captures all moments of love. It will be aired for the first time at 10 PM on the 18th.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google