Shin Hye-sun, facing the truth, sobs in Ji Chang-wook's arms
Shin Hye-sun, facing the truth, sobs in Ji Chang-wook's arms
‘Welcome to Samdali’ Shin Hye-sun took on the challenge head-on.

In the 6th episode of JTBC's Saturday-Sunday drama 'Welcome to Samdali', which aired on the 17th, the story of Cho Sam-dal (Shin Hye-sun) directly confronted his junior Bang Eun-ju (Cho Yoon-seo), who framed him as a 'photographer who bullied his juniors'. It soared to 9.2% in the metropolitan area and 8.3% nationwide, breaking its own highest record and on the verge of surpassing 10% in viewership ratings. (provided by Nielsen Korea, based on paid households)

Because of the controversy, articles were pouring in every day, people who he thought were his people turned their backs on him, and Samdal, whose career was in crisis, stayed there after returning to 'Gaecheon'. Even her close associates were wondering why she wasn't actively clarifying her case.

Actually, there was something else that made me sit there for three months. On the night when sharp words were exchanged over Eun-ju stealing her boyfriend Cheon Chung-gi (Han Eun-seong), Sam-dal was shocked to learn that Eun-ju had made an inappropriate attempt. No matter how much I look back, I have never once treated Eun-joo badly enough to push her to the edge. Then, he couldn't understand why Eun-joo, whom he trusted, did that to him. Seeing that he had changed so much to get to the top, he was confused as to whether, as Eun-ju claimed, he had been tormenting her without realizing it, and was even afraid to check with the person in question.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Eun-ju had stolen the MagazineX project portfolio. As assistant Go Eun-bi (Kim A-young) said, Samdal had a strong feeling that the incident that night might have been “a show to steal the director’s money and step on it.” Samdal, who never imagined that Eunju, whom he had cared for for three years, would harbor such malicious intent, felt like he could finally ask Eunju the truth. On that path, I boarded a plane to Seoul for three months.

Eun-ju, who faced Sam-dal as she confidently entered the project meeting room, was extremely shameless. Even though the scene of stealing the portfolio was captured on CCTV, “Do you still think I can’t be like the manager? “I can think of this concept too,” he said, confiscating his face. Soon, Samdal asked Eunjoo if she was really prepared to die for him that night, and the answer she had been waiting to hear for so long was “no.” Only then did Samdal fall into the arms of Yongpil (Ji Changwook), who had followed him because he was worried, and said, “They said it wasn’t because of me. “It’s true that it’s not true,” she said, shedding tears of relief, and Yongpil patted her.

In that warm embrace, Samdal, who had shaken off all the fears that had been shackling him for so long, has now returned to being Samdal, a person who needs to say something to free himself. So I went to see Eunju again. He told her, who was still shameless, to keep her ex-boyfriend's loyalty and portfolio, and bombarded her with hard-hitting facts, asking, "How far do you think you can go by stealing other people's things?" To Eun-joo, who is proudly carrying on for three months despite losing everything, he said, “I don’t do things just because it’s hard, or because I don’t want to do it, or because I don’t want to do it.” It was the moment when even the old congestion was completely eliminated by the force of three months of cider.

The place Samdal went that way was Jeju Bank, located ‘unexpectedly’ in the middle of downtown Seoul. In order to achieve his dream, Samdal held on shamelessly, bitterly, and faithfully even though he had nowhere else to focus his mind, like Jeju Bank. Although she reached the top, after going through a series of trials, she realized that everything surrounding photographer Eunhye Jo was fake and not real. The glamorous network of people who said they wouldn't do a pictorial unless it was for them turned away mercilessly if it wasn't for the 'popular photographer Jo Eun-hye.' This was the reason why this road I had run so desperately to death felt like an empty shell.

It was always Yongpil who warmly embraced me for those three months. Yongpil, who had been dreaming of her for three months since she was young, encouraged her by singing Cho Yongpil's 'Dream' to her when she was tired and having a hard time. Also, as if it was my job, I made them angry together, comforted them, and made them laugh again for three months. Even on this day, Samdal, who said she couldn't even remember what she did for a living other than being a photographer, said, "Let's find Jo Samdal, not Jo Eunhye," and gave her the strength to move forward while she was wandering.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google