‘I’m Solo’ 18th season’s best visual combination ever
‘I’m Solo’ 18th season’s best visual combination ever
The 18th season of ‘I’m SOLO’ has been released.

In ENA and SBS Plus' real dating program 'I am SOLO', which aired on the 13th, the 18th generation of solo men and women who entered 'Solo Country 18th Street' revealed amazing specifications and even more amazing visuals.

On this day, 'Solo Country 18th Street' took place in Yeongdeok, Gyeongbuk, with a beautiful blue sea. The 18th group of solo men and women drew a 'storm of admiration' from 3 MCs Defconn, Lee Yi-kyung, and Song Hae-na, who said, "There has never been a combination like this before," with a lineup of solo men and women who were perfect in everything from visuals, physique, and specifications.

Youngsu, who was the first to visit 'Solonara 18th Street', received high praise from the 3 MCs as a "talented man" due to his job as a server programmer for an N game company and the fact that he owns his own apartment in Anyang. He expressed confidence, saying, "I don't feel like I'm going anywhere." showed. Youngho displayed unusual sense from the start, bringing a rose to offer to the single woman who would carry the suitcase for the first time in 'I am SOLO'. He also said that he has an 'A+' college transcript and is even preparing for the tax accountant certification exam as a hobby. ' raised curiosity about this.

Youngsik received a barrage of questions from single men, asking, “Aren’t you a celebrity?” with his broad shoulders and bronzed skin. He majored in Taekwondo and was a teaching assistant at the Nonsan Training Center. He made a meaningful statement that suggested his occupation would be a 'national civil servant' such as a police officer or firefighter, and appealed that he was "ready to get married." Youngcheol, who appeared later, drew people's attention for a moment as to whether he was a 'body special' due to his wide shoulders and chest pain, but contrary to his first impression of 'charismatic explosion', he attracted attention with his unexpected history of being a member of a musical club.

Gwangsu, who boasted of being the 'Piglet's best idol', showed off his 'pure love' side by going to the economics department of K University after retaking the entrance exam because of his first love, while also saying, "I have saved up enough money to save myself," and "I am good at cooking, doing laundry, and cleaning. “He emphasized that he was ‘sincere about marriage.’ Sang-cheol, who entered ‘Solo Country 18th Street’ as the last solo male runner, said, “I lost 9 to 10 kg in 5 weeks. “I prepared by only sleeping for about 4 hours,” he said, revealing his extraordinary determination for ‘I Am SOLO’. He then added his ideal type: “I want to find someone who is bright and can have a good influence.”

Youngsook attracted attention by saying that she installed '2 carriers' to give slippers as gifts to single women, and that she visited 'Solonara 18th Street' on the recommendation of her older brother. Youngsook, who said, “Family and children are above work,” and chose “fertility” as her goal, said, “I have never had a love like a moth to fire,” but later appeared in “Solo Country 18th Street,” shedding tears, and said, “Preliminary romance.” It gave me a premonition of ‘Moth to Fire’. Jeongsuk, a former flight attendant for the national flag carrier, pledged, “I came alone, but I will go together when I leave,” and appealed to her ‘lover’ side by saying, “If you fall in love, you won’t be able to get out of it.”

Sunja then said, “My strength is that I am quirky and not shy,” and added, “I have been in a total of two relationships, and the second one is almost like the first one. He revealed his firm views on relationships, saying, “I have a personality that I only meet if I like him, and I don’t like men who are too nice.” Youngja, the 'Im Soo-jeong look-alike', boasts a bright and cheerful personality and says, "My last relationship was 2-3 years ago. “I also have a small company, so all I do in a day is home, work, and exercise.” At the same time, she earnestly wished, “I want to meet a man who resembles my father.”

'Blackpink Lisa look-alike' Oksun, who has overwhelmed everyone's attention since her appearance with her gorgeous appearance, said, "I am a person who believes in love like a drama," and expressed her desire for a love as beautiful as a drama, saying, "I hope my story is about grandmothers and grandfathers walking hand in hand." revealed. Hyunsuk, who graduated from a prestigious foreign language high school and S University in the 'super elite course', said, "I have big dreams and ambition, so I want to meet someone similar to me," and chose an 'ambitious man' as her ideal type.

Single men began selecting their first impression immediately after entering ‘Solo Country 18th Street’. In the first impression selection of single men who make 'eye contact' for 3 minutes in front of a single woman they like, Young-su and Young-ho each chose Young-sook and Jeong-suk, who carried their carriers, Young-sik chose Ok-soon, and Young-cheol and Sang-cheol chose Hyeon-suk. . After Gwangsu chose Youngja, he moved his hands and selected a folded paper rose, impressing the 3MC. Sunja, who was the only one with zero votes, said, “Honestly, I wanted to go home. “I was even more miserable because I was the only one with 0 votes,” he pondered over the pain.

Subsequently, the solo women fell into a 'mental breakdown' due to the production team's unexpected first impression selection mission that told them to return to the dorm with '6th place', who was not the first place but the last place in first impression. The single men thought that the single women's choice was the 'first choice' and kept lowering their heads, saying, "Thank you for saving my life." The single women, who could not reveal the truth, could not hide their embarrassment. Ok-soon chose Sang-cheol as her 6th choice, and Sunja chose Gwang-su as her 6th choice. Jeongsuk chose Yeongcheol as 6th because, “He seems serious, so it might be difficult to approach him.”

Yeong-sik and Yeong-soo, who proved to be 'popular men' by not being selected in the 6th place, were bitter as they returned to their dorm alone, not knowing the truth about the '6th first impression selection'. On the other hand, Young-ho, who was selected as '6th place' by Young-sook, Young-ja, and Hyun-sook, could not hide his smile of joy because he thought he was '1st place, taking all three votes.' Subsequently, the results of the true first impression choices of the single women who visited 'Solo Country 18th Street' were announced, foreshadowing the continued twists and turns of the 18th season.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google