Seo In-guk, the reason for his musical comeback after 11 years
Seo In-guk, the reason for his musical comeback after 11 years
Actor Seo In-guk expressed his feelings about returning to the musical stage after 11 years.

On the 29th, the performance culture magazine Theater Plus released a pictorial of Seo In-guk, who decorated the cover of the December issue. Seo In-guk captures attention with his boyish charm with a charismatic face.

In the released photo, Seo In-guk wore a red-colored jacket, leather pants, and point accessories, and boasted eyes that captured the overwhelming charisma of the Count of Monte Cristo, his role in the musical 'Monte Cristo'. In just one cut, Seo In-guk completely captured the narrative of Edmond Dantes, an innocent young man, transforming into the vengeful Count of Monte Cristo after suffering a cruel betrayal.

Regarding the musical 'Monte Cristo', which opened on the 21st and returned to the stage after 11 years, Seo In-guk said, "Compared to previous works, it feels new because it is a period drama that goes much further back in time. It is a famous work that has been loved for a very long time, and it is my first time performing in it. “It’s a challenge, so I’m approaching it with great determination and excitement,” he said, expressing his thoughts about participating in the work.

In addition, "This season, the age range of the same actors has been lowered overall, and I am joining the season where the work is being renewed. I think it is a work that I came across at a really good time. I am really happy and have learned a lot thanks to the director and all the actors and staff." “I am learning and feeling. If the audience also feels satisfied, I think they will gain a level of happiness that cannot be expressed in words,” he expressed his affection.

Seo In-guk said, "I think the greed of the characters in the play and the desire for revenge when Edmond returns are fundamental human feelings. So, even after 100 or 200 years, I think the power of the fundamental message of the work does not change. “‘Monte Cristo’ is an honest work that captures human instincts,” he explained.

Regarding the four actors who played the role of Edmond Dantes/Count of Monte Cristo, who were all newly cast this season, including himself, "All four (Kyu-hyung Lee, Eun-seong Go, and Seong-cheol Kim) had very strong colors and came up with a variety of ideas, and the director said, He raised expectations by saying, “He helped me try everything that was suggested. The process of creating it together was very enjoyable.”

The musical 'Monte Cristo', in which Seo In-guk appears, is a musical adaptation of the novel of the same name by French writer Alexandre Dumas. Edmond Dantes, a promising young sailor, is wrongfully accused due to a conspiracy by people around him targeting his position and his fiancée. While spending time in a notorious prison, he dramatically escapes, changes his name to the Count of Monte Cristo, and sets out on revenge. However, instead of revenge that ultimately leads to his own destruction, he sets out to find forgiveness, reconciliation, and the value of love.

‘Monte Cristo’ will be performed at the Chungmu Arts Center Grand Theater until February 25, 2024.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google