Day6's Wonpil, discharged today (27th)
Day6's Wonpil, discharged today (27th)
Wonpil of the band 'DAY6' will be discharged from the military on the 27th (today).

Wonpil, who was born in 1994 and was the first idol singer to enlist in the Navy (682nd class) on March 28 last year, completed one year and eight months of service as a deck soldier in the 7th Mobile Battle Group of the Naval Operations Command and was discharged without returning on this day.

Previously, Wonpil took his last vacation on October 31st and was discharged without returning as the end date of his service arrived. Regarding the reason why he saved up a month's worth of vacation instead of using it, he said, "It's hard to come to the Navy, but I wanted to continue to board the warship until the end and save up the vacation to come out as soon as possible and practice and show My Day a good performance. Please wait a little longer. I'll be gone soon." “I cherish him a lot and miss him,” he said, expressing his affection.

The basic number of days of service in the Navy, for which Wonpil volunteered, is about 2 months longer than that in the Army, so idol singers who want to minimize 'military leave' (gap due to military service) do not prefer enlisting in the Navy. However, in order to shorten the gap for his group Day6, Wonpil volunteered to join the Navy, which allowed him to enlist earlier than the Army at the time he decided to enlist.

After Wonpil's discharge from the military, all four members of Day6 became military dischargers in 2 years and 8 months. Seongjin and Dowoon were discharged from active duty in the army, and Young K became the first idol to complete his time as a KATUSA soldier.

Meanwhile, Day6, who debuted in 2015, has released hit songs such as the title songs 'You Were Pretty', 'So That We Can Become One Page', 'Passing Through', 'Happy Days', and 'Zombie'. Attention is being paid to what kind of second act Day6 will unfold in the future after completing their military service.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google