Hyun Joo-yeop reveals the restaurant where he went on a blind date with his wife
Hyun Joo-yeop reveals the restaurant where he went on a blind date with his wife
We introduce the first generation Italian restaurant in Korea where Hyun Joo-yeop had his first meeting with his wife.

In 'I Like Rice on Saturdays', which will be broadcast on the T-Cast E channel at 5 pm on the 25th, Hyun Joo-yeop's famous restaurant, which will be the finale of Tobabs' 'Restaurants of Life in Seoul', will be revealed.

The members, who thought that 'meat-eating hippo' Hyun Joo-yeop would naturally choose a meat restaurant, listened to Hyun Joo-yeop's restaurant review without much expectation. However, contrary to everyone's expectations, the restaurant that Hyun Joo-yeop selected is a first-generation Italian restaurant with 33 years of history and tradition.

Hyun Joo-yeop introduced, "This is the place I used to go to with my family when I was in school. This is where I ate with my wife the day I first saw him," and talked about various pasta menu items such as cannelloni and sea urchin pasta that will capture women's hearts.

The members' exclamations continue at the luxurious menu that breaks expectations. Even Park Na-rae, who lives not far from the restaurant, saw the restaurant for the first time and said, "I really didn't know there was a place like this in front of my house. Thank you so much, Joo-yeop."

Before ordering the menu, Hyun Joo-yeop raised the members' expectations further by saying, "I heard that not only foreign celebrities such as director Hiddink and actress Anne Hathaway, but also past presidents visited."

The Tobabs members become quiet as they enjoy the feast of high-quality ingredients. Park Na-rae makes people laugh by saying, “I feel intimidated when I come to places like this for no reason. It’s because my body remembers poverty.” In the end, he showed passion by getting up from his seat to eat food that was out of reach.

Seeing Kim Sook worrying about her casual attire, Hyun Joo-yeop shyly recalls his first meeting with his wife by replying, "The day I first met my wife, I wore jeans and a T-shirt." Afterwards, as he ate the food he ordered, he looked as if he was reminiscing about the blind date.

The famous restaurant of Hyun Joo-yeop's life, who transforms into a 'romantic hippo' instead of a 'meat-eating hippo' and guides Tobabs members with luxurious taste, can be found on T-Cast E channel 'I Like Rice on Saturdays' on the 25th.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr
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