Actor Nam Yoon-soo shows off his cooking skills
Actor Nam Yoon-soo shows off his cooking skills
Nam Yun-soo of 'Newly Released Pyeon Restaurant' reveals the daily life of MZ's strong housewife.

In KBS 2TV's 'New Release Edition' (hereinafter 'Pyeon Restaurant'), which will be broadcast on the 17th, the daily life of Nam Yun-su, the youngest handsome chef, will be revealed for the first time. Nam Yun-su, born in 1997 and now 26 years old, spends a busier life than anyone else, cooking and cleaning even though he stays at home all day.

In the VCR released on this day, Nam Yun-soo made people's hearts flutter with a dimpled smile as soon as he opened his eyes in the morning. Next, Nam Yun-su moved the living room furniture and began morning cleaning. After cleaning the floor neatly, Nam Yun-su got up and headed towards the air conditioner. Nam Yun-su, who boasts a height taller than a refrigerator, meticulously wiped the top of the air conditioner, the living room lights, and even the kitchen hood without any hesitation.

Afterwards, Nam Yun-su even cleaned the bathroom. Surprisingly, Nam Yun-soo does this type of cleaning whenever he gets the chance. The ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ family exclaimed, “Amazing 97 Yoonsu.” Nam Yun-su said, “I saw (the dust), so of course I just wiped it off...” and laughed in confusion at the admiration of his older brothers and sisters.

After finishing cleaning, Nam Yun-su naturally started preparing a meal. While everyone was wondering how well a 26-year-old young man could cook, Nam Yun-su skillfully cooked with his own smart recipe. What was most surprising was how diligently they organized and cleaned while cooking, and even separated waste to perfection. Of course, we used the ingredients sparingly without throwing them away. Nam Yun-su, who has been living alone for three years, has revealed his know-how in keeping a home.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon
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