Actor Nam Yoon-soo's daily life revealed for the first time
Actor Nam Yoon-soo's daily life revealed for the first time
Nam Yoon-soo, the next generation's killer smile, appears in 'Newly Released Pyeon Restaurant'.

KBS 2TV's 'New Release Edition' (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeon Restaurant'), which will be broadcast on the 17th, will be the 200th special episode 2. In the last broadcast, in celebration of the 200th special episode, 'groom-to-be' Lee Sang-yeop expressed his desire to become a guest chef, and this time, expectations are high as it is known that the youngest guest chef will appear for the first time. The main character is actor Nam Yun-soo.

Nam Yoon-soo, who participated in the recent studio recording of 'Pyeon Restaurant', stole everyone's attention with his heart-throbbing dimpled smile from his first appearance. Nam Yun-su was born in 1997 and is 26 years old this year. He is the youngest chef ever. In his first appearance on 'Pyeon Restaurant', Nam Yoon-soo couldn't hide his nervousness and kept flashing a dimpled smile. Seeing Nam Yun-soo like that, the older and older members of the cast of ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ all said in unison, “He’s so cute,” in admiration.

In the VCR released on this day, Nam Yun-soo once again caused hearts to flutter with a dimpled smile as soon as he opened his eyes in the morning. While the older cast members of ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ were surprised and said, “You smile as soon as you open your eyes?”, the older cast members smiled and said, “They’re so cute,” “They laugh really hard,” and “It’s like looking at a photo album.” While laughter broke out at the polar opposites of the reactions, Nam Yun-soo's 'amazing' daily life caught the attention of both male and female performers of 'Pyeon Restaurant'.

I was surprised for a moment by Nam Yoon-soo's appearance, which looked like a youth drama, but Nam Yun-soo's superior physical strength once again attracted attention. Nam Yun-su, a former model, is 187.7 cm tall. MC Boom's manager, who saw Nam Yoon-soo walking around the house with long legs, said, "He's so tall that the floor height looks low."

Above all, Nam Yun-soo's unexpected charm was impressive. Nam Yoon-soo, who left a strong impression by perfectly portraying the role of a delinquent teenager in the Netflix series 'Human Lessons', was actually a MZ housewife. Traces captured by the camera of 'Pyeon Restaurant' Nam Yun-su's holiday in his third year was spent cooking, making side dishes, and cleaning at home all day. The ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ family shouted out “97 Yoonsu is amazing” and “Amazing 97 Yoonsu”.

Along with this, Nam Yun-soo's brilliant visuals even without makeup stood out. Not only did he boast his trademark dimpled smile, but he also boasted a beautiful visual that made him look like he was shooting a video photo album, even while cleaning. The daily life of '97 Yoonsu', the youngest baby chef with a charm that made everyone fall in love, can be seen through KBS 2TV's 'New Release Restaurant', which airs at 8:30 pm on Friday the 17th.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google