Cha Eun-woo confesses to Park Gyu-young about past trauma from his school days
Cha Eun-woo confesses to Park Gyu-young about past trauma from his school days
Cha Eun-woo and Park Gyu-young of 'I Love You Today Too' took a step closer to each other.

In the 5th and 6th episodes of MBC's Wednesday drama 'Lovely Dogs Again', which aired at 9 PM on the 15th, the narrative of Jin Seo-won (played by Cha Eun-woo) and Han Hae-na (played by Park Gyu-young), whose feelings gradually deepened in the process of comforting each other's wounds. brought the excitement index of the home theater to its peak.

On this day's broadcast, Seowon learned that school violence was occurring within the school club. Afterwards, Seowon took action more actively than anyone else to help the victim, and was angry at the complacent response of the vice principal (played by Yoo Seung-mok), who was worried about tarnishing the school's image and tried to quietly cover up the incident. During the meeting, he set up a confrontational stance with the vice-principal by asking, “Then what do you think about that child?” Haena, who noticed Seowon being different from usual, carefully observed the perpetrator and stayed by his side silently.

Seowon's changed behavior was related to memories from his childhood. During his school days, he suffered school violence from his school friend Kang Eun-hwan (played by Kim Min-seok) and others. Moreover, Eun-hwan took advantage of Seo-won's fear of dogs and brought a dog to threaten her. At the time, her friends ignored Seo-won, causing regret.

Every time Seowon saw the victim, he was reminded of his childhood and suffered, and Haena, who learned of Seowon's past, listened to his story sincerely and comforted him by saying, "You can cry when you want to cry." Seowon, who was deeply shaken by this, reached out to Hae Na first, and the sight of him healing Hae Na's wounds touched everyone's hearts.

On the other hand, Hyun Jae-hee (played by Jae-i Lee), the student who committed the crime, had a grudge against Seo-won for making the incident a big deal, and planned to call Seo-won out of school in the middle of the night to put him in danger. Hannah, who overheard the story by chance, uses her curse to turn into 'Gaena (Gaena + Hannah)' every night, hides herself in a small box and eavesdrops on phone calls, and attaches a camera to a dog hat to film the assailants. He helped Seowon in unusual ways. Fortunately, with Gaena's help, Seowon escaped the crisis, and the sight of Gaena struggling raised the eyebrows of the viewers.

Meanwhile, Hannah's feet caught fire. With the school trip just around the corner, Hae-na asked Choi Yul (played by Yoon Hyun-soo) to retry the kissing operation with Seo-won, but it failed as Yul fell asleep at dawn. Finally, at the end of the 5th episode, when Seo-won saw Hae-na trying to sneak out of the house, she mistook Hae-na for Yul, putting her in danger of being discovered.

In episode 6, Hannah, who barely escaped the crisis, made various efforts to get closer to Seowon by disguising herself as Yul's friend's dog 'Cocoa'. However, the curse could not be lifted and they went on a school trip, and Yul made a smile by preparing dog supplies such as a tent and toys to be considerate of Hannah, who turns into a dog every night.

In front of Hannah, who was on watch, a commotion broke out due to students leaving the dormitory. Hearing this, Hae-na and Seowon set out to find the students, but as always, 12 o'clock at night came and they turned into Gae-na in an unfamiliar place. To make matters worse, Gaena was discovered and taken away by a suspicious old woman, and Seowon sensed something strange about Haena, who disappeared without knowing why, and Gaena, who continued to appear in front of him.

Seowon, who had been worrying about Hae Na and wandering around all night, found Hae Na falling into a hole. Hae-na felt grateful to Seo-won for saving her, and indirectly revealed her feelings for Seo-won by saying that she no longer likes Lee Bo-gyeom (Lee Hyun-woo).

At the end of the broadcast, the sight of Seowon and Haena spending time together at the night market filled the home theater with sweetness. Seowon, whose feelings for Hae Na, including jealousy and worry, grew out of control, gave Hae Na a thrill by playing a prank on her first. In response to his prank, Haena unintentionally supported herself on Seowon's body and continued to make eye contact, and the exciting ending, where time seemed to have stopped for a moment and all eyes were focused on the two, tickled the hearts of viewers by awakening their love cells.

In addition, Bogyeom's interest grew as he encountered Min Ji-ah (played by Kim Yi-kyung), a mysterious girl who transferred to the school and seemed to have a connection from a past life. In addition, he continued to show meaningful actions, such as watching closely from behind as Seowon and Hae-na became closer, and his cool atmosphere, with something hidden behind his smile, made the viewers sweat. In addition, the next episode hints at another unpredictable incident in which Oh Sang-soo (Lee Seung-jun), the ex-boyfriend of Han Yu-na (Ryu Abel), who knows the secret of Hae-na's family's special curse, secretly takes pictures of Seo-won and Hae-na. It made me curious.

Meanwhile, the highest viewer rating per minute for the 6th episode of 'I'm Lovely Dog Today' was 3% (provided by Nielsen Korea) based on households in the metropolitan area, showing an upward trend in viewer ratings.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google