'Pyeon Restaurant' PD "I want to cast BTS' Jungkook, Kim Jaejoong, Sung Si-kyung, and Kim Sook"
'Pyeon Restaurant' PD "I want to cast BTS' Jungkook, Kim Jaejoong, Sung Si-kyung, and Kim Sook"
‘Newly launched Pyun Restaurant’ sent a love call to gourmet stars.

KBS 2TV's 'New Release' (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeon Restaurant') celebrated its 200th episode on November 10. One of the reasons why 'Pyeon Restaurant' has been able to receive consistent love from viewers for over a year is its amazing recruiting power. Eonam teacher Ryu Soo-young, all-round goddess Lee Jeong-hyun, working mom Oh Yoon-ah, Chanto chef Lee Chan-won, self-management master Jin Seo-yeon, and newly-joined groom-to-be Lee Sang-yeop, etc. They all appeared on ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ and became a hot topic.

At this point, I asked Producer Lee Yu-min, who leads ‘Pyeon Restaurant’. What are the casting criteria for Pyeongchef and which star would you like to work with as a Pyeongchef? Producer Lee Yu-min said, “Anyone who is serious about eating can become a convenience chef. Anyone who is curious about what viewers eat and how they live can participate. We do not set any special standards. It's okay even if you can't cook. “It is enough if you are sincere about what you eat,” he answered.

Next, regarding the star he would like to recruit, he said, “I would like to take this opportunity to mention BTS’s Jungkook. Makguksu was highly praised on an American talk show. I heard that you also have your own recipe. Host Jimmy Fallon said he would make it if he had the chance, so please show it to the viewers of Korea's 'Pyeon Restaurant'. And Jaejoong Kim. Enjoy a spectacular culinary feast that would be a waste to show only to your acquaintances at ‘Pyeon Restaurant’. Seong Si-kyung. It was the most delicious chicken I've ever eaten. Can you share your secret recipe with our viewers? Lastly, Sook Kim. Aren’t you the godmother of meal kits? “Please share that sense of food combination with ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ as well,” he carefully mentioned.

Along with recruiting power, the power that protects ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ is ‘good influence.’ ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ donates the proceeds from the sale of its launch menu to undernourished children. As it is called a representative 'good entertainment', it conveys the warm heart contained in food through various events. In the 200th special episode, manager MC Boom visited a girls' high school with girl group ITZY and gave students precious memories and heartwarming snacks.

In relation to this, PD Lee Yu-min said, “We plan to often prepare special features for ‘Visiting Restaurant’. First, we prepared a friendly cooking class for fathers in their 60s or older who still think that kitchen work is not their job. Also, there are people who are just starting out on their own, foreigners living in Korea, and even mothers who say that their own cooking is not the most delicious because they are bored with the same recipe for 30 years. “We plan to run to wherever there is a need for ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ cooking classes,” he explained.

“Also, if there is a place that needs delicious snacks and support, we will continue to hold surprise events featuring menus released from ‘Pyeon Restaurant.’ In the 200th special episode, manager MC Boom visited high school students who were tired of studying. “Please look forward to surprise visits to various places with snacks in the future,” he added.

In addition, PD Lee Yu-min said, “We are also planning a special feature that will highlight the know-how of kitchen workers who are responsible for the meals of Koreans. Under the name ‘Restaurant Aunt’, we collect recipes from people who are responsible for providing delicious meals in Korea and record them in video. “This is a project I really want to try at ‘Pyeon Restaurant’,” he said, revealing his endless ideas.

Lastly, PD Lee Yu-min said, “Friday night, when entertainment programs gather and compete the most fiercely. I would like to thank all the viewers who visited ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ during this time slot, and I think it was all thanks to you that the 200th episode was possible. In the future, we plan to show you the cooking daily lives of more people in Korea in a pleasant way, so please continue to cherish ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ as you do now. “Thank you,” he said.

KBS 2TV's 'New Release Restaurant' airs every Friday at 8:30 p.m.

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