Kim Moo-yeol, ability to digest characters that go back and forth between good and evil
Kim Moo-yeol, ability to digest characters that go back and forth between good and evil
Actor Kim Moo-yeol showed off his presence in 'Hi Cookie' by drawing different faces together.

In the U+ Mobile TV original drama 'Hi Cookie' (written by Kang Han, directed by Song Min-yeop), Kim Moo-yeol increased the level of immersion by depicting in detail the creepy twists and turns of characters ranging from an entrance exam consultant to a detective in the drug investigation department. Accordingly, we pointed out three aspects that he portrays.

#1 Entrance exam consultants who use even death

Yoo Seong-pil, who first appeared at the Jeonghan High School entrance information session, caught the attention of parents with his brilliant speech. Then, upon meeting the S class students for the first time, he casually suggested that they use their friend's death in their self-introductions, and also recommended to the students who were witnesses that it would be better to write it with a smile, creating an eerie atmosphere.

With his light tone of voice and cold expression, Kim Moo-yeol left a strong first impression by briefly showing Seong-pil's cold-hearted personality, who even uses death as a subject for entrance exams.

#2 Detective from the Narcotics Investigation Department who went undercover to investigate cookies.

As an incident involving cookies occurs, Seong-pil learns that Min-young (played by Jeong Da-bin) is connected to the cookies. In response, he showed Min-young his police officer's ID card and revealed that he was Choi Geon-woo, a detective from the narcotics investigation department who had infiltrated the school to investigate Cookie. Unlike when he was a cynical college entrance exam consultant, he persuaded Minyoung with his soft voice and kind eyes. He gained Minyoung's trust with his trustworthy appearance and obtained information about the cookies, raising curiosity about the new development of the play.

#3 A villain with an unknown end to the twist.

However, Seongpil's reversal did not end there. He infiltrated the school to find the lost recipe. When Jae-hyun (played by Seo Seong-jong), a police officer in charge at the school, says that he is looking for information on cookies, his expression hardens and he attacks him roughly. However, when he finally finds out the identity of the chef and threatens Ho-ho (played by Choi Hyun-wook), he shows a creepiness that has never been seen before. I could feel it, heightening the tension even further.

The moment it was revealed that Seong-pil's identity, which had made many people curious, was a villain chasing a recipe, Kim Moo-yeol brought the drama to its peak with a passionate performance that flexibly went back and forth between the character's two extremes.

In this way, Kim Moo-yeol played an active role as the center of a twist in the rapidly swirling development, fooling not only the characters around him but also the viewers, making it impossible to take their eyes off them. Kim Moo-yeol's wide-ranging ability to go back and forth between good and evil expresses one character's various identities in detail, raising expectations for a narrative that will lead to a twist.

Meanwhile, four episodes of 'Hi Cookie' are released every week through U+Mobile TV and Netflix.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google