Pyo Ye-jin and Kim Young-dae are lovers, not enemies? Memories of my past life gradually come to mind
Pyo Ye-jin and Kim Young-dae are lovers, not enemies? Memories of my past life gradually come to mind
‘The Moon Rising During the Day’ Pyo Ye-jin recalled memories of her past life.

In the 4th episode of ENA's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'The Moon That Rises During the Day', which aired at 9 pm on the 9th, Kang Yeong-hwa (Pyo Ye-jin) gradually searches for the memories of her past life, Han Rita (Pyo Ye-jin), and Han Joon remembers Han Rita through Kang Yeong-hwa. It showed Oh (Kim Young-dae) starting to become increasingly attracted to each other.

The day's broadcast opened with Kang Young-hwa, who had collapsed, recalling memories of her past life. 1,500 years ago, Han Rita, who tried to assassinate Do-ha (Kim Young-dae) but failed and was attacked by him and passed out, wakes up in Do-ha's room, and Do-ha decides to keep Han Rita, who tried to assassinate her, as her servant instead of killing her. Hanrita, who suddenly became a servant, works during the day, practices archery at dawn, and vows revenge. Do-ha, who found Han Rita shooting an arrow in a clumsy posture, raised questions from viewers by showing her not caring at all about revenge, such as teaching her how to shoot an arrow so that she could kill herself well.

Then one day, Hanrita goes out with Doha and learns an unexpected fact. Doha built a memorial tower for the Gaya people who innocently sacrificed themselves in the war on a hill with a clear view of Gaya land, and prayed for their souls to rest in peace. Doha, who even knew that Hanrita was General Gaya's daughter, tells her not to forgive herself. On the way back, the horses they were riding ran away due to a mistake made by Hanrita, who was not good at working as a servant, and the two had to spend the day taking refuge in a cave in the mountains as it rained. There, Hanrita learns of Do-ha's intention to escape from his hellish life, and vows to wait for the moment when Do-ha gains the will to live and kill him to complete true revenge.

Meanwhile, Han Joon-oh learns that Kang Yeong-hwa is over the brink of death and visits his hospital room. Seizing the golden opportunity to kill Kang Young-hwa, who lost her self-defense device during the accident, Han Joon-oh tries to kill her by strangling her, but at that moment, Kang Young-hwa opens her eyes and is startled by the words “I’ll get better” that come out of her mouth and hurries away. . When Kang Yeong-hwa wakes up, he is confused as he remembers scenes from the past that are too vivid to be a dream, and Han Min-oh (On Joo-wan) comes to him and returns the lost self-defense device.

A few days later, Han Jun-oh visits Kang Young-hwa’s house. As Han Jun-oh looks at Kang Yeong-hwa on the rooftop, he realizes that she looks a lot like Han Rita from the past. At that moment, Kang Young-hwa spots Han Jun-oh, who has come looking for him, and runs down in joy, but his eyes have already disappeared. Kang Young-hwa, who went to Han Jun-oh's house out of concern, found him fallen on the stairs and helped him up. Han Jun-oh, who managed to open his eyes, said, "I really don't know. “Even now, 1,500 years ago, who are you who make me so weak? Why are you hesitating?” he confesses his feelings of not being able to kill Hanrita even though he was given the opportunity to break the curse by killing her reincarnation. However, Kang Young-hwa, who had no way of knowing this, said, “I am the one who came to save you. “Think about your life first,” she reassures him, and Han Jun-oh cannot hide his confusion as she reminds him of Han Rita, who tried to save Doha for revenge 1,500 years ago.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google