Shin Ha-kyun, who has become black, how evil will he become?
Shin Ha-kyun, who has become black, how evil will he become?
‘Biography of a Bad Man’ How evil will Shin Ha-kyun become?

In Genie TV's original drama 'Biography of a Villain', Shin Ha-kyun is increasing immersion in the drama by meticulously depicting Han Dong-soo, who crosses the line and transforms into a villain. The transformation of Han Dong-soo, a villain who starts out with a small sense of remorse, then commits illegal activities and crimes, and eventually commits murder, becoming increasingly dark, is shocking and horrifying in each episode.

Han Dong-soo's choices made in the process are like a message that runs through the drama and attract attention. Because it shows what results the choices you make bring about.

At first, Han Dong-soo felt humiliated by his inability to do anything in a situation where he needed money, and accepted Seo Do-young (played by Kim Young-kwang)'s offer. Although someone could get hurt and it pricked his conscience to keep an eye on someone, Dong-su planned to quickly finish what Doyoung wanted and return to his daily life. However, after witnessing Doyoung's murder, Dongsu entered the world of crime, claiming to be an accomplice in order to survive. At this time, Dong-su tried to report it to the police and showed conflict.

However, Dong-soo Daum's choice showed a decision that crossed the line he had maintained. Dong-soo held Do-young's hand, revealing his desire for revenge against Moon Law Firm. In the process, his mother was killed by Moon Law Firm, and his inherent desire for revenge and anger exploded. Dongsu took off his glasses, which made him look foolish, and showed a changed appearance, wearing a luxury car and clothes. By running an illegal gambling site, he made money that he could not earn before even if he worked hard, and developed a desire for the power and satisfaction that money gave him.

Dong-su, who has become increasingly dark, made the irreversible choice of murder in episode 8. Doyoung created a situation where Dong-su would have to kill Sang-guk or he would die, and handed the choice over to Dong-su. Dong-su, who had blood on his hands, was shocked to see that he had become a villain like Do-young.

At each moment of choice, Dong-su's level of darkness deepened, and Shin Ha-kyun portrayed it in a creepy way, doubling the intensity of the play. The darkening process of Dong-su, whose eyes, facial expressions, tone of voice, and even gait change, was made more dense by Shin Ha-kyun's meticulous and delicate acting. In the remaining episodes, the passionate performance of Shin Ha-kyun, who has become a complete villain, is expected to explode. A great deal of attention is being paid to the remaining two episodes of 'Wicked Man Biography' to see what the evil Dong-soo will look like when the control device is completely released, and how the results of his final choice will be portrayed.

The 9th episode of Genie TV's original drama 'Wicked Man' will be released on the 12th, and the final episode will be released on the 13th at 10 PM on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google