'Steel Unit 3' UDU, second final eliminated unit → UDT revives again in deathmatch
'Steel Unit 3' UDU, second final eliminated unit → UDT revives again in deathmatch
The second unit eliminated from 'Steel Unit 3' was UDU.

In the 7th episode of Channel A and ENA's 'Steel Unit 3', which aired on October 31, the death match 'tidal flat tire flipping' scene and the pre-mission of the semifinal tournament, 'trench fighting - battle for the tire flag' were held.

Previously, the UDT-UDU alliance was defeated by the 707-US Special Forces alliance in the second main mission, 'Counter-Terrorism Joint Operation'. On this day, UDT and UDU faced off in the most difficult death match of all time, ‘Tidal Flat Tire Flip’. The two units demonstrated the limits of their physical and mental strength by pushing over 300 kg of tires in mud flats where their legs were soaking wet. In particular, UDT quietly advanced even in situations where there were injuries and showed off its status as the ‘Season 1 winning unit.’

In the end, UDT crossed the finish line first, and the studio MC corps of Kim Seong-ju, Kim Hee-cheol, Kim Dong-hyun, Yoon Du-jun and Chu burst into applause, calling them “phoenixes.” Even though UDU was eliminated, they showed their indomitable fighting spirit until the end. After the elimination was confirmed, the UDU members, who showed their fierce spirit, said, “It is very disappointing to be eliminated for the second time. “Please remember that I work hard regardless of whether I win or lose,” he said, leaving with honor.

A few days later, U.S. special forces visited Imjingak. They stood in silence in front of the monument commemorating the American soldiers who fought in the Korean War, and Jeff and Ian touched their hearts by adding, “My grandfather fought in the Korean War.” Afterwards, the U.S. Special Forces invited the 707 members, with whom they had developed camaraderie during the 'United Counter-Terrorism Operation', to USAG Humphreys in Pyeongtaek City and had a long-awaited enjoyable time.

HID, who reached the semifinals with a 'bye', met for a long time and had a competition and practical training to determine who was the hot 'shooting king'. First, Park Ji-yoon and Dong-gyu Lee faced off in 'Pistol Precision Shooting', attracting attention, and 'The Disciple' Lee Dong-gyu won and advanced to the finals. Lee Dong-gyu defeated Go Ya-yung with his agile shooting skills in the final, which was held in 'shotgun moving shooting', and won the title of shooting champion of the 'shooting king unit'. UDT gathered at Jinhae Naval Base for practical training after the 'Deathmatch'. Although they suffered a lot of physical exhaustion after going through two death matches, they met with active-duty members and had a 2-on-2 battle at the obstacle course designed by Kim Gyeong-baek himself.

After completing individual training and reorganization, the 4th unit gathered in Saemangeum, Jeollabuk-do. Master Youngjae Choi announced, “Prior to the semifinals, we will conduct a ‘trench fight’ with a powerful benefit, ‘the right to advance to the semifinals’ at stake.” The first round of 'Trench Fight' was the 'Tire Flag Battle', in which HID and US Special Forces, UDT and 707 faced each other. First, HID Kang Min-ho defeated Will and took his first win. Afterwards, Jeff, Go Ya-yung, Kaz, and Dong-gyu Lee sortied one after another, and finally Ian and Lee Dong-gyu, the 'ultimate weapons' of the U.S. Special Forces, faced off. Here, Ian lightly pushed Lee Dong-gyu and then lifted Park Ji-yoon, HID's last runner, along with the tire at the same time, giving the team victory with his strength.

Next, UDT and 707 nominated Kim Kyung-baek and Hong Beom-seok as the first runners, respectively, and the 'Legend Team Leader Showdown' was concluded. The two crews showed off not only their age and skill, but also their speed and power, and engaged in a fierce battle filled with counterattacks. In the end, Hong Beom-seok took out the flag first. However, Hong Beom-seok lost to Jeong Jong-hyun, who took the mound as the next runner. Afterwards, Jeong Jong-hyun carried hard by defeating Oh Yo-han and Lee Yu-seok one by one, showing the potential for three consecutive wins. Seeing this, the crew expressed their admiration, saying, “It’s crazy,” and “Even though we’re on the other side, we respect them.” Then, Lee Jeong-jun easily defeated Park Chan-gyu, the last runner of 707, and gave UDT the victory.

As a result, the U.S. Special Forces and UDT advanced to the finals of 'Trench Fight', and Choi Young-jae said, "The final round is a '4-on-4 battle for the flag.'" After a heated strategy meeting, the two units finally entered the game, and the broadcast ended with Jeong Jong-hyun and Ian facing each other, raising curiosity about the next episode to its peak.

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